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I place an order with Carphone warehouse on the 3/07/13, was very excited to be receiving an iPhone 5 the next day. Yodel are the service they use to deliver there items. It all began on Thursday 4th I received a text message to say my item was on its way, I took the day off work to sit in for my delivery, I checked the tracking website which was very slow and not up to date. I did not receive my item at all it was around 6pm that I checked the tracking site again to see if it had been updated and to my surprise it said that my parcel was on its way back to the depot, I never received no text, no phone call, and no card through the door! I then called YODEL to find out what was going on they told me 'the van probably had broken down' but assured me that tomorrow it would be with another driver therefore I would receive my item before 6pm and I would have a 98% percent chance that this would not happen again. Very strange comment! Come the next day Friday 5th I took yet another day off work waiting for the phone, it got to around 1pm I still had not received my parcel so I called YODEL again just to see what was going on as I already had a bad experience with them. When I spoke to the them I was assured that my parcel was on its way and would be with me before 9.30pm! I said to the man that I was promised it would be with me before 6pm, so what was the most accurate information, he then told me he was going to send an email through to the driver stating my item was emergency and would put all my details on it so if there was a problem to deliver he would have been able to contact me. The man I spoke to had even told me I would 100% receive my parcel on that day. Within 30 seconds of getting off the phone to YODEL to my horror I received a text message stating they had tried to deliver but no one was in and had left me a card!! I was absolutely mortified to hear this as I had now lost out on 2 days work and had sat in both days yet not received a card! Nor my item! I immediately rang YODEL back and explained the situation they told me the driver could not get to my door as there was a gate! Which actually made me laugh as I live on a street property and I DO NOT have a gate!! When I told them that there is NO GATE on my property they then told me that the van may have broke down! I thought to myself not again! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN 2 DAYS RUNNING?? So I told them how does this happen twice? I stated my belief that this was a load of RUBBISH and they are obviously lying!! They where not sympathetic at all, they wanted to get me off the phone and just told me it would be with me tomorrow! I was frustrated at this point and told them I no longer want the phone anymore and they can make arrangements to return to sender, as there service was so rubbish I did not want to waste another day waiting in for my delivery which most probably would not come anyway!! I then rang Carphone warehouse who were much more helpful even tho it was not there fault I explained the situation and told them I had asked YODEL to return the phone and good luck to getting the item back! On Saturday 6th after clearly stating i did not want the parcel they finally decided to deliver it to my home address anyway. I refused to sign for the item as I had already gone and got myself the iPhone and that I had asked them too make arrangements for it to go back to Carphone warehouse! I would strongly advise if you see that YODEL are delivering your item try not to order from that company as there service is EXTREMELY POOR!!! I actually wanted to give NO stars as YODEL are so rubbish but it would not let me the minimum is 1 star!
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    Hi Billy. If you email me the details I'll take a look into this for you. Dee :-)
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