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Shocking service. Avoid using them at all costs

I am absolutely disgusted with your delivery service. I placed an order with a company on the 4th September. Delivery with your company was due on the 6th September. I stayed in all day and didn't receive my order with the failure of delivery being cited as 'unable to gain timely access'. No calling card was left so I called customer service and asked for them to redeliver on the 9th as once again I would be in all day. I explained I worked full time & lived in gated apartments but provided the operator with my private code to gain access and my contact number to call me should any problem arise gaining entry. I was assured the parcel would be delivered on Monday 9th & they would call when outside but surprise surprise no parcel or attempted delivery occurred. I called again that evening after once again tracking online my parcel was sent back to the depot due to 'unable to gain timely access'. They never attempted to deliver as I was in all day & checked the gates every 5minutes. I was eager to receive my parcel as it contains items for my holiday. I explained once again to another operator the situation with the gates & asked them to hold off their 'redelivery' until Tuesday 17th as I wasn't in the property until then and that it would be the last day I would be able to receive my order as after that I will be working until the day I go on holiday. I was promised this would happen & that my order would be delivered on the 17th and she even read back the gate details & contact number I had previously provided. I stayed in all day yesterday waiting eagerly for my parcel but no delivery came. I tracked online my parcel & saw that it had supposedly been 'attempted to be delivered' over the past week & was now on its way back to the order companies depot. I am absolutely disgusted with your service & having read feedback on various blogs & website I can only agree with the overwhelming amount of negative feedback. Your service is disgraceful & your tracking systems are shocking. Your staff are unhelpful as when I called this morning I was told there was nothing they could do & that was that basically. I shall be avoiding any company that use you as a delivery service in future & won't be advising anybody to use you in general. I rarely complain about service but this has angered me so much.
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    Hi Sophie!

    Please can you contact me by email on social.media@yodel.co.uk so I can assist you further.

    I am here to help.

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