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Absolutely awefull company

Well after reading some of the reviews on here I can see why this company has terrible reviews...
2 recent deliveries from yodel and all I can say is if they keep this up they won't be around much longer..
I mean how hard is it to scan the parcel and pick it up and deliver it to the address on the box!!!!!!????.
Fact is they only scan 1 box most of the time even if multiple boxes...therefore they can only track the box that is scanned...they lost my pump to my hot tub, and it was only that a supervisor got involved that after a day or 2 found it...but wasted 4 days waiting for it...customer service is very hit and miss...some are good and some are terrible...
Recently the same thing 2 parcels being shipped and yet only 1 has arrived so far...
The amazing thing is it clearly shows on the label. 1 or 2 items...
I mean shocking service...

I really cannot see anything improving with this company. .....funny thing is they are not the cheapest out either? Don't figure
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    Reply from Yodel

    Hey Michael!

    Let me take a look into this for you and assist you further.

    All I need is your full address and contact number, if you can send them to social.media@yodel.co.uk that'd be a great help!

    I look forward to hearing from you :-)

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