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Terrible. Abysmal. Appaling.

Paid for express delivery. Was due to arrive today, Friday 20th September 2013. I've waited since 8:45am until 6:00pm and nothing.

Communicated via Twitter, they said they've asked the driver to make it by 5:00pm as I finish work then, hasn't happened. (I have the correspondence to show it.)

I also called at 5:30pm and was told they have no further information for me.

How can a courier service not deliver a package. It's your primary objective. You fail as a company and as a service.

I now have to go home for the weekend, and won't be at the office until Monday. When should I expect delivery? No idea. My correspondence is public on Twitter, I have a copy of my DMs with Michelle.

Yodel are a terrible and unacceptable service and you've ruined my purchase. I have not received it today and have to go home so I will not receive it.

Waited from 8:45am until 6:00pm... and you can't make this window? What on earth do you expect of people?

I WILL be taking this further.
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    Reply from Yodel

    Oh no Mark!

    Please let me help you with this.

    Send an email to social.media along with all your details.

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