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A delivery service that doesn't deliver

I am extremely unhappy with the service , I have been lied too and feel this is most likely the worst customer care I have ever received , I received a message Wednesday making me aware I should expect delivery of my parcel, my 25 week pregnant girlfriend and one year old daughter waited in all day as I work full time , no one attempted delivery despite checking the tracking information only to see that it had been put down as a failed delivery and a call card had been left , this simply was not the case but it did say delivery would again be attempted on the Thursday , again my partner waited in all day and the same thing happen no attempt was made despite the driver saying it had no card was left !! We called that night and our details were passed on to the delivery centre we were told to expect a phone call which we never received, we again called first thing this morning and again our details were forwarded on and were told to expect a phone call with a couple of hours , my partner left it 4 hours before she again rang and was told someone would be in touch to say if the delivery was definitely coming today as she has now waited in 3 full days with a 1 year old which is appalling, when she again checked the tracking today it again said an attempt had been made and a card had been left THIS IS NOT THE CASE she again rang up to be told that she could organise to collect the package herself , she does not drive I work full time this is a delivery service they are meant to DELIVER items !! I now have no choice but to collect the package myself as we are moving next week and I can not ask my partner to spend her days waiting for packages which are never going to arrive she also is back at work tomorrow so for the first time in 3 days will not be home , DO NOT USE YODEL !!
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    Reply from Yodel

    Hey Seonaidh.

    Looks like your parcel was delivered to you yesterday, please could you confirm if you received this okay?

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