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Was home, answered the door, but parcel thrown in to back garden anyway

I had someone from Yodel ring my doorbell but fail to wait for anyone to answer. I was home, my partner was home, we both went to answer the door, my partner got there before me, less than 30 seconds after the door bell had been rung. However, the delivery driver, too impatient to even wait for an answer, was already in his van backing up down the road, my partner called out to him, to which he yelled back that he had chucked the parcel over the side gate.
We would never have known the parcel was there if my partner had not yelled out to him because we do not use the side gate and unless you actually use the gate, there is no reason to go down that side of the house and so the parcel would not have been seen and there was no card left to say that was what he had done.

Completely unacceptable considering we were home and answered the door, for him to just throw the parcel over the gate and not even wait enough time for someone to answer. Not only that but some contents of the parcel were damaged.

This is not the first time someone from Yodel has been too impatient to wait. I have had a previous parcel be left under a recycling box in front of my front door, and one left out in the open as well in the past, both times then I was home too but the delivery guy was too eager to get done and get home I suppose.

I do not understand why this person still has a job, because he clearly is not doing it properly. I also do not understand why anyone is still using Yodel to deliver, because in my experience, they are not very capable of ensuring that packages are delivered properly, securely and safely.
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    Reply from Yodel

    Oh no Lisa!

    Let me look into this for you immediately.

    Please email your full address and contact number to social.media@yodel.co.uk.

    I'm here to help.

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