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Worst Customer Service Ever


Thank you for choosing to continue with Your Office & PA's Call Handling service following completion of your 14 day free trial.

I want to re-emphasise that we believe you have chosen the best call handling service available.

Your team of PA's are delighted to keep working with you and will continue to handle your calls ensuring that they always meet the standards set out in our unique "World Class Service Guarantee".

You will shortly be receiving a welcome letter outlining details on the additional services that we offer customers. Also included with this letter are 10 referral cards - our way of saying thank you and an opportunity for you to earn some money just by recommending our services.

I employed this call centre with specific instructions that I do not have time to call customers myself (on account of running every other aspect of the business) and that my phone-line is dodgy at the best of times, instructions to take an email address for every caller.

Some of the detailed and professional messages taken:

DETAILS: has been in touch with an American company who stock a specific poster she is looking for and they have told her they supply to you, she cant find this poster and neither can I, please call her, thank you

ME: Did she say what poster it was? Unfortunately I cannot call the customer as our phone line has a fault.

DETAILS: Would like to order a Dragon Wine Bottle Holder, please return call before 12.30pm, thank you

ME: We do not have telephone access at this moment in time, do you have an address or email for the customer please - please see the order script.


DETAILS: called for an update she placed the order on the 03/08
I've looked online order shows as pending she asked for a date for delivery please.

ME: Order is Processing, not Pending


DETAILS: Asked if you could send him a catalogue of canes (Walking sticks)

ME: Do you have an email address for this customer please?


DETAILS: Product Name: Dragons Kingdom Book 20cm Model Number: NEM2055 has no discrimination would like a little more information on the book as it doesn't have a description please advise Thanks

ME: Do you have an email address please?


DETAILS: Called as he ordered items on 17.08 and hasnt received Order xx - shows Nochex Processing on your system so advised no payment not gone through. Can you please advise.

ME: This order is at status Processing, payment has been received and we'll be despatching shortly


DETAILS: Called regarding order xx. Status Nochex Processing, Please call to advise when delivery will be, Many Thanks VS

ME: Status is 'Processing' not Nochex Processing, I am concerned that a number of customers have been incorrectly informed about their order status. The latest status is the current one.

DETAILS: I would like to order dolls and would lie to do it via post if possible. (Nice professional spelling there)

ME: Please can you obtain an address from the customer and we'll send the relevant information

DETAILS: Called regarding order xx, Please call to advise as status shows Nochex Processing. Thanks VS

ME: Please note that status is NOT Nochex Processing, status is Processing - I'm not sure why this keeps being advised, as I explained when the trial started - the latest order status is the current one, not the earliest.


DETAILS: Order xx I advised items not in stock, please advise
anticipated delivery as really needs the Five Finger Grass and Wormwood Powder, not in a rush for the High John the Conquerer, thank you

ME: Items are in stock and are due to be despatched today, please check with me first before informing customer of availability

DETAILS: Called to order the Celtic Pentacle Ouija Board on 2nd Class Delivery. He would like a call back at 5pm today as he has to pop to the bank. Thanks

ME: What would he like to be called about? I'm not available to make phonecalls

DETAILS: Called RE: Ironing oil Order ID xx. She asked where the order is up to. I checked on the system and noticed it has been stopped at packing stage. Please advise, thanks

ME: Did you inform the customer that we were packing the order for despatch?

DETAILS: Called to ask if he places order now for lemon grass, Mer, Cancer etc can you advise if he will get this before Saturday ?? He asked to be called back.

ME: What types of products are these?
We sell oils, incense, herbs, etc. plus different brands
I can't give him an answer based on this information - what is Mer?

DETAILS: Called again to ask if he places order now for lemon grass,Bees wax candles, Mer, Cancer etc can you advise if he will get this before Saturday ?? Can he pay for special delivery for tomorrow before 13.00

ME: What types of product please?


DETAILS: Called again to ask if you can do special delivery for tomorrow on an order he is about to place. He is now refusing to leave the line until i can get the answer, Thanks VS

ME: I've emailed him, but I haven't been able to answer your questions as you didn't tell me which products he was interested in, I have now requested this information 3 times.


DETAILS: Called again to ask if you can get hold of Spainish Moss oil, Devil Oil 5 Finger grass oil, Bannan Oil Clove oil Cinimman oil dragon blood insence Dragon Blood oil and ink looked for and carn't find but do you stock, Salt Peter, load stone, Alcolado, He said he had a message from someone but could not make out who it was from. Please call. Thanks VS

ME: I do not have the facilities to call customers back, I asked for the customer to be informed of availability for the request on 3rd September - I asked for the customer email so that I could provide this information. I will reply to customers email address. I'm not happy that my credits are being expended when my instructions are not being followed.


DETAILS: Connie called and advised she has a question about honey jar spell? please call her back

ME: What was the question?


DETAILS: Advised she is trying to do a honey spell on her ex she doesnt have any DNA but has a picture of her ex would that be ok and a coat that she washed,she asked how long is the spell and how much would of the following items for the spell

ME: don't entirely understand this message:
"... and how much would of the following items for the spell"
Do you mean price?

DETAILS: called for Dawn ref:xx xx said you know what the call is
regarding,please call her

ME: I do not have the facility to call anyone back, please see notes (no idea who this person was anyway)


ME: I'm sorry but the service I have received is not World Class and I have had some complaints over the way calls have been handled, including a test call from my sister, unfortunately I have no alternative but to remove the Telephone option from
my site.

Response - None

Cancellation Email Sent: Please accept this email as my notice of my intent to terminate our service agreement.

Reply Received: We are sorry that all of a sudden following our correspondence re the ““on line chat”” facility and our companies policy on not offering this service that you have decided to terminate our services. We accepted your notice to terminate dated 13th September 2012. Your final invoice will be issued on the 1st October 2012.

My reply: Hi Gordon
This wasn’t a sudden decision based on the Live Chat function, unfortunately I am not satisfied with the quality of the service I have received – several customers have been given incorrect information leading to their inconvenience, and I’’ve had to send numerous emails reminding your staff on how I need my calls to be handled. I have decided to terminate the service as it was creating extra work for me, and causing problems for my customers –– not the World Class Service you guarantee.

Response - None

Me: Please can you provide me with details on how to manage my 0844 number.

Reply: There is a fee of £15 + VAT payable for changing the divert number

ME: As no-one has had the decency to contact me I shall be making a formal complaint to Trading Standards and the ASA. I now consider you to be in breach of contract. You cannot charge me a transfer fee for the 0844 number as this was not made clear at the time the agreement was made, I expect a refund for the payment of £36 to be made within 7 working days.

Response - None


DETAILS: She asked if you have received her return and re sent out the new order yet? Please call to advise,

ME: Please STOP taking my calls - I've got enough complaints to deal with and NO-ONE has had the decency to respond to my concerns despite several emails, I want nothing more to do with your company.

Response - If you would like us to stop taking the calls, please take the divert off and they will no longer come to us.

ME: I do not control the phone number and no-one will tell me how to change it despite me requesting information, once again thanks for ignoring my complaints, I'll be taking this matter up with Trading Standards and the ASA as you clearly don't provide the service you advertise. I don't think I have EVER been so badly let down by a company in all my life.

Response: Gordon did send you this information on 17th September, but I have spoken to him and he is going to switch it off now.

ME: Thanks for the great Customer Service - I'll be sure to include this in my reviews - I expect the money for the 0844 number to be refunded or I will make a claim through the Small Claims Court, and please don't think for a second that I won't.

This has to be the most unprofessional company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. A step that was supposed to improve customer services for my home-based business turned into a nightmare.

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