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Ok so I order some stuff from Zalando, I want it for next week, so I mail them to find out why, 3 days after ordering, the order hasn't been sent. It takes 2 days to reply, and then the reply comes in Danish (ok I live in Denmark but not everyone who lives in a country speaks the lingo, besides I thought English was the world language?), they don't tell me when it is coming, nor do they offer a refund. They just say there is a delay.... How useless is that? And when you order next time we will endeavour to get your order to you on time! I need the goods for next week for a vacation.

A thought for the management of Zalando, what is the point of all the marketing spend? If you can't even fulfil your orders? I know a little bit about Ebsuiness and digital marketing having a masters in the subjects! You are obviously having issues with your supply chain, I suspect you are not holding stock of items.... V bad practice, even if you have them in different warehouses, this should not effect the customers delivery date, as it seems to with many of your customers. I don't see Amazon having issues with their different warehouse, and they have many more than Zalando, besides, why should the customer be interested in your internal issues???

So now I'm going to attempt to call them to cancel the order, as if it doesn't come by next week I don't need it. Lets see how that goes.

Note to self, always check the reviews of companies on trust pilot before I order, I wouldn't have bothered had I seen their awful reviews, not just on but all their other European operations like the website .nl .se for example.

UPDATE! So I called them yesterday and they will NOT cancel my order or refund my money!!!! They tell me that my order is almost ready to be dispatched, this is actually illegal under EU law...

Perhaps their CEO Rubin Ritter, should spend more time and energy on running his company, rather than using it talking his stock price up and, on expensive marketing campaigns - Zalando - what a joke!
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    Reply from Zalando

    Dear J.Naish

    First, we are happy that you reached an agreement with our Project Manager from the Customer Service department and had your order cancelled after all. We always endeavor to deliver within two to six working days and this mistake was an exceptional occurrence. Zalando has several warehouses so it happens that we have to export some items before the order can be dispatched which was the occasion here. Unfortunately your order was already in the process of being dispatched when you inquired having it cancelled. Our customer service agents only have limited access to cancel an order which was why it was not possible at the moment you applied for it.
    We would also like to apologize for the mistaken answer in Danish when you first contacted our customer service. We aim to answer in English on the same terms as in Danish which is why we now have organized a special team for our English customer requests.

    Luckily we have thousands of happy customers every day and fortunately the reality is different than what it seems when reading the Trustpilot reviews.

    Kind regards
    Team Zalando
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