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great company

Graze is a fantastic company and I have to admit they had a great idea for a product, which is accompanied with fantastic customer service. I love all their tasty snacking suggestions, and can't get enough of them. What i used to do is order the box to get delivered twice per week, and then there is something to look forward to. Their website is fantastic and it is very easy to start and cancel orders if you wish to, or even just suspend for a while. Highly recommend!


problems resolved

Overall: In the beginning I had problems of not knowing where about is my order. After 2 weeks i started to receive information from the company over the phone and email. Now received my order in perfect condition. The person who has been dealing with my case also sent me, as a compensation, a better model and more goodies to compensate for the problems. Thank you Russ. I am planning to return those.

Here is my experience in detail of ordering from justbeutifully.

I ordered on the 14th of Nov a waxing set.

24th of Nov: i have not received any shipping information or where about is my order. I gave them a call and after a 3 phone calls got a call back. On a call back I was told that my order was shipped out an that i will get an email with the details today or the day after. Did not get any emails

28th of Nov: I called again asking for the shipping info. Been told i will get a call back the same day. Did not receive any phone calls or emails.

29th of Nov: I contacted my bank on how to get money back as i thought I will not be receiving anything and also I wrote my bad review on this site. In the evening, after the bad review, i received finally the information with a tracking number for Yodel.

30th of Nov: I get a phone call from the company and get told that they send me another pack with even better model and more goodies through Yodel and that the original pack has been sent through Royal Mail last week ( 24th Nov). I am also told that manager is not happy with my review. I explain that it is not appropriate not to provide shipping information for days after declaring that the product has been sent. I also call Yodel with the shipping number that i was provided and they tell me that the pick up of the goods has been scheduled, but they never picked any goods up. I call the company again and tell them after getting the shipping info I am still no closer on finding out where the goods are. I am told that what Yodel says is not true and that the goods have been picked up. It is not my place to discuss Yodel here, neither would I ever know if they have or have not picked up the goods. I started getting a bit tiered of it all by this stage.

02 Dec: I receive the parcel, and I can see from the shipping information of the Royal mail that it has been send from the company on the 28th of Nov. I also get an email saying another parcel has been send now through Royal Mail, special Saturday delivery with goods, just to make sure I get my order this week. Which I thought was good of them.

03 Dec the other parcel does indeed arrive, but it is still currently at the post office as I was not home when it was delivered.

I think what would really improve customer service of this company and will take away any possibility of unhappy customers, is the provision of the shipping information as soon as the product gets dispatched. While it is not dispatched it is good to let customers know that the company is still waiting to obtain the product themselves or that they are still processing your order.

29 November 2011

Reply from

Anna, you placed your order 10 working days ago and as we emailed you earlier it is out for delivery today with Yodal. Admittedly this has taken longer than we would like, we have been experiencing some problems with this courier and are in the processing of changing. I feel this comment is unfair given the amount of communication we have had with you and the fact your parcel is still within your delivery estimate!

If you would like a refund please call us asap so we can cancel the delivery - we will be happy to refund you if this is your request.

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