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Great Deals, Bad People

My brother was rubbing my face in it how he got a great laptop deal so decided to check this web site out. People post deals they find on the internet and have a voting system where other people can vote hot for good and cold for bad.
People usually post some interesting things from some dark random place on the internet you'd never think to look, there's one catch though this is the meet and greet place for just about every idiot and plain bad webmaster on the internet. I woke up one day struggling to log in only to find out I was banned. I have no idea of the reason but apparently the so called 'mods' are like this and must of voted cold on the wrong deal or something to maybe one of their 'pals'.

I suggest never signing up to this web site, you can look at the web page without ever having an account and look around. Sign up and expect to have your head ripped off by these people just for posting a deal which you didn't know was posted and completly slammed when someone has another opinion on your product. Unbelivable treatment of users really, you don't need it in your life.

Look but don't touch this web site ;~)

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