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Fantastic value with constant communication

For the past few months I've been hunting for the perfect engagement ring for my girlfriend. (not asked yet!!) I had a budget of 4k and spent countless hours wandering the high street jewellers trying to decide the best spec. Finding a balance between size, quality, colour, cut, polish and symmetry was a nightmare. I found whilst the high street guys were helpful they seemed to push the sale of rings I didn’t feel had the right balance. It seemed to me that the high street jewellers had very limited diamond selection and it was a hassle trying to pull together quotes for various different specs.
Frustrated I decided to look online. Being a guy who likes to research every purchase to death I checked out all of the online jewellers I could find. I like how on most sites I could enter different diamond specs and generate a price. By doing this eventually settled on a diamond spec and knew the look of the ring I was after.
I entered the diamond values into the top online providers and DG came out cheapest. Even if they hadn’t been the cheapest I would have gone with them anyway as they had a ring type that I thought suited my girlfriend perfectly. Without a word of exaggeration I saved over £1000 buying from DG compared to buying the same spec on the high street.
I took a deep breath and decided to purchase... but before I did I wanted to email them and ask a few questions. Not because I had any but as a test. They answered straight away and demonstrated a great knowledge of their products. Impressed and after 12 emails in 2 days I ended up changing my diamond spec slightly which ended up cheaper. Rather than up sell to something that wasn’t right for me they gave constructive information and helped me reach my decision.
The ring arrived two weeks later on the exact day they said it would. It is fantastic.
I received an update email nearly every day of the two week wait. Brilliant service and price - can’t recommend them enough.

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