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What a waste of time and effort

After 4 years a satisfied customer of talktalk I decided to upgrade to fibre optic. I upgraded via the web site, very easy. Engineer booked for a PM visit, I booked a day off work and guess what? He didn't turn up.

Forty minutes on the phone to talktalk trying to establish what had happened, the frustration and anger I felt speaking with what I can only describe as a robot reading from a card drove me to ask to speak with the manager; another mistake. He just promised me that my complaint was logged and I would receive a call back within 5 working days.

Within three days I received a call from a BT OPEN REACH manager to arrange for an engineer to come and connect me, RESULT. The engineer called me the night before and stated he would be at my address a 8 in the morning. The engineer arrived completed all his work but no Internet connection. He called his place of work to find out that the order had been cancelled by talktalk.

Another 45 minutes on the phone with talktalk. I was told.

1). That engineer had visited my house the day before, and because the speed was not adequate the appointment was cancelled.

Strange I was in the whole day and no engineer turned up

2) That I had cancelled it that morning.

Sure I didn't.

3) Don't know what happened.

Another complaint logged, assured I would get a call back from the CEO complaints department. 7 working days later still no call back. Another call to talktalk, explaining the whole situation to each person in the wholly disfunctional system talktalk call customer service.

Two hours later a call from the CEO's office, and after another twenty minutes of explaining the poor service, the lies and so on, I was told I would be called back the next day with an explanation.

I was called back as promised, but not with an explanation, just would you like me to sort a new appointment and once that was sorted my complaint would be sorted.

Appointment made for the 28/12/2012 no time just between 8 in the morning and 6 that night. I didn't mind plenty of work to do around the house. You've already guessed no engineer turned up.

Talktalk customer services do not talk with each other, I asked for the telephone number of the CEO's office because of the Xmas period I mislaid it. They couldn't give it to me.

I'm thinking of writing to the BBC WATCHDOG programme and letting them explore the fantastic customer service talktalk offer. I'm sure the British public and potential new customers would appreciate knowing how poor talktalk are.

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43 and not out

Ive recently started to train again after some 10 years off. This was mainly due to younger fitter men joining my job and showing me up. I started with a little light running which has developed into me becoming a fanatic completing 2 circuit training, 1 sprint training, and 2 weight training session a week as well as running every other day with my dog. I have been using my protien products, Hurricane XS, CEE, whey protien and pulse. Since using these products my training and mind set has become even more focused, and I'm keeping up with them young whipper snappers. The products are reasonably priced and as good as the dearest brands on the market. They delivery time is fantastic too. Great product which synergies
Well with other my protien product.

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