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What screwfix dont want you to know

Yes they are cheap almost everytime but heres the warning.

Power tools etc etc and all made special order by manufacturers for screwfix to meet a budget buying price. When you see a screwfix dewalt drill thats only £89 but everywhere else sells it for £99 you need to know that this price reduction is because the drills made for screwfix are constructed using a poor quality plastic gearset instead of a metallic cast item. Great for the guy who uses a drill twice a year but no good for anyone using it weekly hence why screwfix drills never last very long nor can they be repaired by official dealerships.
I feel as a customer that screwfix are cheating us all.
You are not buying the same quality of tool

Lawson HIS

Bit of a let down

Item was a paint stripper, it never arrived, after a week i called up, sorry we dont have them in stock!

No email telling me this from the time i paid so i was pretty much held to ransom as they had the money already. Couldnt shop elsewhere.

Im now told it will be next week making nearly 3 weeks. Website should mention out of stock. I feel conned

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