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Easy to order. Very cheap. Always arrives quickly. Some incredible offers.


Worse than terrible!

I lost a very expensive ear ring. My household insurance company couldn't have been more helpful, or any quicker. They said they would give me the current market value of the ear rings on a Goldsmith Gift Card. I was delighted. I had already decided which items in their sale I would purchase on line. Goldsmith's head office sent the card to the wrong address, with just my name correctly written on it. How the post office managed to deliver it to me I'll never know. It took over a week to arrive, I didn't have to sign for it, and when I activated the card by phone, they asked me no security questions, so if it had been delivered to the address they put down, anyone could have used the card which has £749 on it! I went on line after I had activated it, and noticed the items I wanted had gone, but it only told me this after I had put them in the basket and filled out all my address details etc. I also noticed that I was unable to proceed anyway, due to the lack of a 3 digit number on the back of my card, so I could not use it on line. I phoned them up to ask how to order on line. The woman from Goldsmith's said she could process my order over the phone, but everything I asked for was out of stock. If I use the card in the shop I won't get any discount, or be able to buy sale items because they say my insurance company has had enough discount, so I am not entitled to any! I can't even part pay with my company's top up card which would give me 15% off anything I put on it. There is nothing in writing to say any of this, I am just expected to take their word for it!


Fantastic Quality and Range

I have placed a couple of orders, and both arrived within 2 days! I have bought stockings and socks. Excellent quality! I loved the 'Drunk as a Skunk' mens socks, which I bought for my boyfriend, but couldn't wait until Christmas to give them to him, so he is wearing them now. Perfect for this cold spell of weather we're having at the moment. Unfortunately, he went off with my £13 bed socks too! He said he was looking for something to keep his feet warm when he was offshore. I tried to explain that there socks on your site especially designed for this purpose, and that my bed socks would not last long offshore lol. So, it looks like I will have to place another order, for bed socks, and mens warm socks, of which I already have a couple of pairs in my basket. Quite expensive, but I know they will be worth it.

Groupon UK

Excellent Company! I have no complaints at all!

I use Groupon a lot, and have no complaints. I save a fortune when going to the hairdresser, and I must admit, I thought I might be treated as second class due to the Groupon coupon, but found just the opposite.

However, one hairdresser was constantly being interrupted with phone calls from irate ladies, who could not make an appointment before their coupon expired, due to the salon being fully booked. This was not Groupon's fault, and not the hairdresser's fault, but that of the customers, who had bought the coupons, and kept them for too long before making an appointment. My advice, to save disappointment, is to make the appointment as soon as possible after purchase.

Ann Summers Ltd

So happy with my purchases

I sent for the nurses costume, and Miss Claus costume. I thought it might be a bit of fun to dress up. I also bought 3 pairs of stockings. The stockings were excellent quality and perfect fit. They were also buy 2, get one free! The nurse's costume was a perfect fit, and excellent quality. Looks really good on! The stethoscope was cheap, but fun, and the hat stays in place. The Miss Claus outfit is made of beautiful velvet, and was a snip at half price. The straps were a little on the long side, but they are detachable, so if I cross them at the back, they are a better fit. I might just get out my needle and thread lol. I'm certainly not sending it back. The matching gloves and hat that came with it are lovely and well made. Everything was delivered quickly and packaged well. My order was correct and I was charged the right amount. No mistakes! Well done Ann Summers! I'll be shopping with you again.


Such an ordeal - never again!

I sent away for a a pair of very expensive red leather shoes. They sent me the wrong size. The delivery note said 4.5, which was correct, but the shoes they sent were 6.5. I checked on line to see how I should send them back and was advised to take them to my local shop. I phoned the Debenhams shop in Aberdeen, and the girl who answered the phone was very polite and said I could take them back to the shop for an exchange, or refund, if they didn't have them in stock. I took them back that night, and was told I would have to take them to the post office because they couldn't give me a refund. I told them I was informed that they could. First the girl said it was because they didn't stock them, then she said I should have checked on line, then I would have found out that Aberdeen didn't do refunds for items purchased on line. Then she told me if I was going to the post office I could not send it back in 'that box'. 'You will need to put it in a bag.' Considering it was delivered in the box I was sending it back in, I didn't see why I shouldn't. In the end, I went to the post office, which had just closed. It was pouring rain and I was fed up carrying this parcel around. I also had shopping to do, so eventually I persuaded the man in the post office to take the parcel, but he couldn't give me a receipt, so I was worried incase I didn't get a refund, especially after all the bad reviews I read when I got home that night. They certainly took their time to give me a refund, but I did get one in the end, credited to the card I paid with. I will never buy anything from Debenhams again, either on line or in the shop.


Lovely coffee, excellent service & comfortable seats

Their coffee is the best in town. The atmosphere is good. The service is excellent. A warm inviting place to rest whilst out shopping or meeting up with friends. Comfortable seats, and great chocolate to go with the coffee. I haven't tried the food yet, but it looks and smells good. Also very handy for me since there is one only 5 minutes walk from my home. I will definitely be purchasing one of their top up cards.


Excellent staff

I find the staff in the smaller outlets to be very friendly, polite and know everything they need to know.

The produce is okay, but nothing special.

I find the points system poor compared to Tesco and Boots.

Their selection of wine is very good and some excellent offers on quality wines all the time.

There are many small outlets in Aberdeen, so very handy for me, no matter where I am. I pop in every day for bread, or wine or chocolate and a few other items.

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