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ordered on Friday afternoon, delivered on Monday morning

What more can i say. I bought a Canon lens about 20% cheaper than in the UK.. UK Price was £297-£359 according to camerapricebuster - I paid £259

Ordered it on Friday afternoon UK time and it was delivered by courier at 09:50 on the Monday morning

Excellent tracking site on DHL express.


Lost for words

Not good
bad customer service
wobbly delivery service


Good service and good prices

I have been using them for about 10 years. Their prices are always good the only drawback is there freight charges on small items

05 December 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your review regarding our prices.

Your comments on our delivery charge will be noted as we are always looking for ways to improve our customers experiences.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


What would I do without it

Love Radio 5 and 4 extra
Website is invaluable much eastenders do we need, reopeats, omnibus editions etc. There are some fantastic programmes and I switch on the TV to watch them then switch to something else or not at all.


Pretty good but be careful

1 Watch the catalogue prices (eg camera stuff can be eye wateringly expensive)
2. I don't buy fresh meat there anymore or chicken as I have had some very bad experiences with rotten stuff being sold. (I don't think it is a store issue but something in the supply chain)
3. I don't mind misshappen veg but it seems that their market produce lines are getting pricier so I now buy that soert of stuff in Asian supermarkets eg onioin, pepper, herbs, aubergibe, courgettes etc


Can be good value or blindingly expensive

They have lost the price battle especially against Amazon - mens razers are 40% cheaper at Amazon than Argos.
Camera stuff for SLRs can be 50% more expensive than the market price ie many hundreds of pounds above market price

I have stopped looking at them when I am comparing prices...they used to be the first place I would check


best there is

I have tried

talk talk

and fought battles with others on behalf of parents, aunts etc.............

There is noone better than Bethere
fast, reliable excellent customer service, superb tech support. They have their own kit in BT exchanges so they are faster than BT on BT residential lines.

Their supplied router isn't too brilliant - go to bethere tech support and ask them what a popular replacement is


Why no price match? and no stock

I have tried to buy stuff in jessops but when they do have a competitive price they don't have stock (as far as I can tell anywhere as I travel a lot and so look for stores on my route). Most recently was a 100mm EF L series macro lens they advertised but didn't have
Their financial problems are public record that may be the cause

Given a choice between Jacobs and jessops, Jacobs win - I think Jessops have let their better staff go and it seems to have more general retail staff in it than camera geeks


Evasive, economical with the truth and a poor service

1. Couldn't install properly
2. Didn't have the service they sold me in my area. Although the sold me a 50MB service they didn't have one.
Sold me another service to a property they couldn't deliver to. They knew they couldn't when they told me they could and I lost a lot of money as a result - Compensation "just wasn't going to happen"
3 Don't deliver the speeds they promised
4.Don't return calls (unless you involve the CEO)

Try ADSL from Bethere - excellent service, much faster than BT over a BT line - they are great


Lost it's way

Stopped selling via Ebay as it was costing a fortune

Stopped buying as I was ripped off by Chinese claiming to be in UK and then demanding return of misshiped stuff to China using tracked parcel carriers at my expense. Apparently this meets Ebays rules but why pay £100 to return something that cost £20

I have noticed a lot of "Canon" camera equipment that is coming from China - (If you look on the trade sites, there are 6 or so factories manufacturing canon cameras none of which have been near canon) There are some I buy from direct like Digitalrev but I know their stuff has no UK warranty and they have the infrastructure to provide their own - all I would ask for is honesty so i can assess the import duty risk and whether I want to pay for a warranty by going to a supplier of UK stock.

Most of the sellers are not authorised retailers for the product and so you have no warranty and in some cases no support at all plus you can miss out on cashbacks

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Be carefull

Usually excellent but I have two quibbles

1. Delivery can be very patchy and Amazon expect you to wait 3 weeks before declaring it missing
2. market place can be a minefield. Lots of grey market electricals without warranty or completely unsupported in UK. Take special care with camera equipment and hard drives
3 where Amazon isn't an autorised dealer you may get a lower price but you can miss out on cashbacks etc
4. watch out for "other people bought with" list as some of this can be totally mad - I have noticed it when the wrong memory upgrade was listed against a netbook - if you had bought the netbook with the upgrade, you had the wrong one !


Good price and delivery

Excellent communications, arrived when expected, well packed and at a great price. ho can want more

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