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Reasonable amount of stock, staff somewhat unhelpful

I visited here a couple of weeks ago and was pleased to find a computer shop that stocks something other than what you can get from Maplin and pay 3 times the going price for something. The shop is not the largest and they seem to be obsessed with displaying a large array of cases for computers rather than making more space for motherboards, cables and other parts.

I made my purchase and asked about casefans, cooling and the sales assistant seemed thoroughly disinterested in engaging me in conversation or assisting. Its poor play as I could probably have spent an additional £100 in there, given the right advice. I feel the staff have the knowledge but are either too lazy or underpaid - or both? to care much about the customers. I will stick to buying online and use these guys in an emergency. I didn't appreciate that my purchase was made, no "thanks" or acknowledgement of the purchase. I just slopped off out pleased with my purchase but not impressed with the service.

Bottom line: Sorry guys - you are competing with online prices which is tough enough in the current market, but have a little more interest in your customers and you might sell more stock rather than staring blankly at your mobile phones and the wall. I just ask for a little consideration, a little service and knowledge. The approach the sales assistant had was as if I was a stranger at a bus stop. Won't be rushing back.

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