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Not perfect...But i don't understand these 1/5 ratings

They will pay out for claims, but only if you provide all of the documents they require. They are generally speaking, honest. I dislike the new site layout.

You can keep track of orders, you can talk to somebody on live chat.

You can rebook collections that fail QUICKLY and EASILY. There is a 99% rate of collection.

Occasionally items do get damaged, but that is the normal for any courier company. I get claims sorted, but i do everything properly.


Good Deals, Rubbish Customer Service

At the moment, i am quibbling with Advanced Telecoms Debt Collection Service LTD, which is obviously a part of 3.

Their customer service is hopeless. They will dodge the issue, make excuses.

Absolutely hopeless company. Pay a bit extra and use another company.



I have been using this company for ages. They are not as cheap as some of the other companies, but their customer service is excellent and if i ever have a problem, they deal with the situation. They do not piss about.


Buying = 5/5, Selling = 1/5

Selling: Here is my situation. I have been a seller on eBay for a while now, well over a year. My first account got deleted (i deleted it) because my DSRs where too low for dispatch time (around 4.7 out of 5).

I had to open a new account to sell, as they had limited my account indefinitely, and rely on eBay for income. I have done this, and yet again, i am going to have my selling account suspended by February 2012.

I am supportive of DSRs but only when the customers/purchasers are honest. I put on my listings 7-9 working days for delivery, just to cover my back, but i have never taken this long. Maybe 5-6 working days occasionally?

The system fails because people expect everything to be perfect, and when you have a busy lifestyle of other things going on, it is completely unacceptable for buyers to give dispatch time DSRs to be low when you state it will take 7-9 working days, when it always take slightly less.

Being reliant on eBay is a nightmare, i am limited to 100 items a month, and have to ring a premium number to request an increase, which i know they will not accept.

I work hard to keep my DSRs up, but it feels hopeless.

Being a decent and honest seller, i regret that eBay is stressful, irritating, frustrating and occasional i have a tantrum.

In principle, eBay works. In principle, when buyers have more control than sellers, it works. When buyers become dishonest and want more than the item (a lightening fast delivery from a person who clearly states 7-9 working days). That is when it fails.

The fees are high, but then again, it is the greatest selling platform out their, and things move along quickly. It marginally outweighs the cons.

If you are a buyer, then this rating will most probably be at the other end of the scale. I have purchased items before on eBay, they arrived quickly, i have been happy with all i have purchased. I have not had any bad buying experiences as such. But if i did, i could bully the seller into what i want, as i have the power to put Negative, and they don't!

To be fair i would never bully a seller, but i would always contact them as soon as i got a problem, and give them plenty of chances to help me.

As for the resolution center, that is nasty. Taking funds out my paypal i don't have in there. On one previous occasion, i have had this, which then takes money from my bank i didn't have. Then, Unpaid Item Fee = £25. Unauthorised overdraft = £28. Thank you eBay (although that was over a year ago, but worth mentioning).

Sell if you wish, but please bare in the mind the above. You will get the best price on eBay for your second hand goods. But remember to dispatch it the same day as payment. Or people will moan and give poor DSRs.

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