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Gadget Cover

Cheap but will it work?

In the space of 10 minutes I saw an i-pad and a tablet get destroyed at my children's music school so I thought I should cover ours. I bought my Kindle in America so no insurance company will touch that, because it is so different. For my Nexus I went with Gadget Cover as the least worse choice of many options. They took my money and then some other company emailed with a policy, so they are just a sales front for someone else. Are they any good, how will I know unless something goes wrong? I hope I never have to find out.
OK - 12 months later and I did need to use it. Dropped the tablet and broke the screen. Had to find serial number to start the claim, which in my tablet is in the software only, but fortunately I could still read it. Took about 3 long weeks to get the claim approved, but then finally sent it away and got a brand new one in the post 3 days later. While I was waiting for the approval, I did look up what it would have cost to repair the screen and it was slightly under what I paid with premium and excess so I could have done with out it, but it would have been more expensive for any other repair. Overall, I am glad I did it but I don't think I will renew.

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Delivered to my door in under 24 hours and didn't cost a penny extra.

I always, always shop around before buying and 9 times out of 10 end up back with GJWT. Their price is always competitive and with free delivery on bulk items nearly always gives it the edge. Their delivery is always fast, usually within 48 hours of ordering and sometimes within 24. The sites a bit messy and it can be hard to locate some items but the range is huge and I've never ever had an out of stock problem.

Orca Logic Ltd

Really clear communication coupled with immediate dispatch and delivery perfection.

I was looking for memory for an older laptop and their site helped me locate exactly what I needed. Where they excelled is in getting the memory posted to me immediately and keeping me informed all the time about where my order was in their process. I have bookmarked them for the future.

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