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Flat out didn't try to deliver

Dreadful service, been waiting in all day for it to arrive. No attempt at delivery, no scan since it left depot 12 hours ago.

Customer service tried to help, but of course the driver does not answer his phone.

Paid for next day delivery, didn't get my items. Yodel suck, SORT IT OUT!

Update as of 12:50pm 26/04/13

They are now claiming they have no idea where my order is. It would seem the driver has either lost it (doubtful) or has stolen it. It was not a small package, not the kind of thing you can "lose".

I now have to wait on the end of the phone as the local depot calls me, i bet they won't.
Avoid this company at all costs, they have no idea what they are doing. I even got attitude off of the customer service rep, like she didn't expect me to be angry that my £300 packet has just vanished into thin air.


26 April 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi! I'm here to give a helping hand - If you can send your details to including your full address and contact, I can look into this straight away :-) Laura

PC Specialist Ltd

A few issues, but overall good.

The build time was longer than I would have liked i'f im hones,t but I guess I could have paid more to get it quicke,r but I had spend enough already.

After I got the machine, there was issues with the blu-ray software, I flat out couldn't play any blu=rays.

I contacted them and I admit I was left very annoyed at they fobbed me off and told me I needed to contact the software compnay etc etc, which I tried but was ignored, as normal

I had to phone back and express my 'anger' at being left with a machien I paid 2k for that wouldn't play a blu-ray/ But they realised my plight and agreed to send me updated software that would work.

I'm happy to say that the software arrived and all worked.

Although alot of the review is negative, I was really impressed with the machine itself, makes my old computer rubbish in comparison.

So whilst I was unhappy at my initial treatment, it was all resolved and was able to contact them a few other times just for small bits of advice.

Overall i'm happy, but theres improvement to be made too..

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