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Exante Diet

Easy and effective

I've done VLCD before. It's an extreme form of dieting, but the only one that works for me. As a VLCD (or a partial meal replacement) I would recommend Exante highly based on quality, taste, and ease. Three Exante meal replacements a day gives you everything you need to function with none of the extra carbs or empty calories. And if you're like me, the nutritional value of your usual menu left something to be desired, so despite the low calorie count, it's probably far healthier. The range is diverse, with sweet and savoury, and a variety you're not likely to get bored with! Everyone ha different preferences, so start out with one or two of everything. And expect that your tastes may change over time. I'm pretty sure I could live off of the yummy toffee raisin cereal bars, but I also enjoy the satisfying range of entrees and really love the oatmeal. My sister likes to make hot drinks out of the shake mix. Find what fits your taste buds. The bars and on-the-go shakes (premeasured shake mix in a plastic bottle, just add water) are super convenient, while the hot packets just need water and 2 minutes in the microwave (most benefit from a soak - I mix with boiling water and leave for up to 10 minutes before adding more water and nuking). There is a complexity to the flavors I really wasn't expecting from a meal replacement. Ordering online is fast and easy and delivery is free and speedy. Exante offer a first order discount and run almost constant specials, which makes it easy to keep stocked without breaking the bank. Customer service are also excellent, if you need them. Check out the forums as well - new and experienced dieters will let you know what to expect and share ideas both for changing up the meal replacement packs and what to eat if you're on a partial plan or in your food week (every fourth week on the Total plan adds a 200 calorie real food meal - this is great for a lot of reasons: you mix up your micronutrients, get the benefit of fresh foods, play with a bit of flexibility, and learn slowly how to intelligently incorporate real food into a healthy eating plan. I enjoyed scrambled eggs with loads of veggies, Quorn, even poached eggs and baked beans when my husband made his weekly full English. I recommend avoiding carbs as much as possible to stay in ketosis, which is a key both to comfort and effectiveness of the diet). If you have a lot of weight to lose, talk to your Doctor. Make sure you don't have any medical complications and get checked regularly. My experience is that this can be a safe and easy method to rid yourself of unhealthy extra weight. And if you have an unhealthy relationship with food, get some help. I'll post another review when I get to maintenance, but I can already see how these products, along with a low-carb diet rich in clean proteins, fruits and vegetables (I'm a chocoholic, I admit it, but a delicious chocolate fudge bar for lunch? That'll do me!) will mean a viable alternative to a lifetime of yo-yo dieting.

25 March 2014

Reply from Exante Diet

Hi Zoe,

Thank you for your fantastic review! It sounds like you have really got to grips with the diet.

Its great to hear that customer services have helped you when needed and that you find the diet easy and convenient to follow (some great tips for the meals you have there!).

Good luck on the rest of your dieting journey, I look forward to reading your next review and hearing how you have got on!

Many thanks,

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