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Cheeky Virgin Mobile

One week ago I notified Virgin Mobile that my mobile phone did not receive any signal in my local area.
One week on, the problem has not been solved.
However, I have discovered that 2G network is working fine.
Cheeky Virgin Mobile has quietly reduced my mobile signal in my local area to 2G, while many of their competitors have upgraded to 4G for their networks.


A bad experience with Santander

Yesterday my online banking was blocked. Reluctantly I phoned Santander’s helpline to unblock it. Their helpline number, 0845, cost me money.
To my horror, a credit agency, Experian, used by Santander has not been informed that I was a Santander customer.
Another excuse came up by Santander fraudulent department was that I recently changed my mobile phone. When I challenged the definition of the word, 'recently', and they said anything up to 3 months.
So, I immediately reminded them that new and better smart phones coming out every few months.
Anyhow, I have got a 123 current account, paying £2 monthly fee.
So it seems that not only I have to pay a regular monthly fee for a current account, but also I need to pay extra phone bill.
However, I have demanded a refund of £2.
The refund of £2 would just cover the cost of phoning their helpline department.
It covers neither the cost of Santander providing a poor service, nor feeling of humiliation, embarrassment and helplessness suffered by me.


check your receipt b4 you exit the shop

Done my first order online with Ocado. Their computer is a bit strange.
I bought 9 Colgate toothpaste and 12 Pronamel toothpaste. Ocado computer could not distinguish the two toothpaste when both were doing promotion.
The helpline is not helpful.
So I have cancelled my order within the hour, and no more online shopping with Ocado for me.


online shopping is flawed

Spent just over £75 hoping to claim my £15 discount for my first online order.
However two items were not available from my list when delivered to me, and £15 disappeared with it.
A reputable supermarket is ripping off customers and providing a misleading and fraudulent service to the general public.OFT has been informed.


misleading promotion

I took advantage of " buy 2 get third free" offer and ordered 9 via online shopping. Only 5 got delivered! If the promotion was not misleading I should have received 6.

Got a refund of £5.32 to my credit card, and I am not happy with it.
The price of one item is £7.99. It would be a fairer system to return me the missing item or a refund of £7.99.
A reputable supermarket is ripping off customers and providing a misleading and fraudulent service to the general public. OFT has been informed.

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