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Extremely low prices, good products, quick delivery.

Yes, this is French company, but they don't hide it and have office in London.
Price of high quality (TRW) products was lower than poxy low quality parts on Ebay.
No problem with payment, Credit Card accepted without any issues.
Item despatched from Paris on Monday, delivered on Wednesday. Full tracking (FedEx) supplied. Delivery cost only £5 + £1.99 for free return if items are not as expected.
5 stars from me.


Great internet...appalling customer service

I have 10Mb internet...and I get 10Mb most of the time.
Great...but their customer service is beyond bad. Whenever I have had a problem it always tool about 10 phone calls to fix it. They ALWAYS blamed my computer and my router, so always prepare 2 computers and connect them directly.
It took them 2 weeks to re-activate my old modem when I moved house.

My paper bill cost me now about £1.5 whereas their ads that come in post are FREE! After complaint I am now getting ads with "Dear occupier..." instead of my details.


Cost is low, although online offers are not available from shops

We've been with them for almost 6 years now and I can't really complain.
My only complain is when we were told by their advisor in 3 that the offer we have found on-line is "closed". I went on their website and it was still available.
We were later told that on-line offers are not always available from 3 stores.


High standard, high prices...

BA business lounge at Heathrow is great, but compared to other companies, cost is almost double for long haul flights.

Sports Direct-international

Delivery not always 24h.

Overall okay, but for two 24h deliveries, both delivered after 48h.


Cheap with reasonable quality.

I can complain about understaffed check-in desks, late flights, no seats numbers, long queues etc... but cost of flights is very often half of what we pay for BA. BMI, FLYBE and to be honest these providers are not much better. BMI do not sell ANY snacks on flights between London and Aberdeen, whereas EasyJet offers even Starbucks coffee!!
Easy Jet are cheap and reasonable + they don't sell 99p tickets with hidden costs of £300 like RyanAir.


"Delivery" == parcel left where everyone can take it.

Never sent parcel through them, but I know person that used to work there. He advised not to use it, but it's just his opinion.
I had about 5 items delivered. They always leave the note and leave parcel in my carport. It only takes seconds to find out that something was delivered and to pick up by anyone walking by.


Worth the money but don't use them if high value and fast delivery is important

From about 8 collections I had problems with 2.
Once parcel was collected next day, second time due to wrong address it was sent back between me, recipient, depo and main depo about 10 times.
I think it's still worth the money.

Eon Uk

Overall okay, but they know beter what you need..

I am with Eon and I know that other companies are similar. Anyway.
When I moved to my previous flat, Eon was supplying gas and electricity.
I was informed that my Direct Debit is £55. Everything was online so I didn't check and about 8 months later I got a bill...underpaid £250!
Called them and was told that my Direct Debit will go up by X to pay this over 12 months. Okay, but this X times 12 was just to pay £250 and I was still underpaying. This time I have amended my DD online by simply calculating previous usage and £250 to pay back.
They knew better and sent me a letter saying that I am overpaying and my DD is not reduced by £15 or £20. So I called them, cancelled it and 2 months later...another letter reducing my DD. I still have 4 of these and one was sent 3 days before letter with "new" (higher) prices.
Overall after 12 months of payments calculated by me (not their "intelligent system") I overpaid...£25 and that was because my wife went back to work (no heating 7-16).

Now I got my cavity wall insulation done for £99, but I applied online about 4 times and had to call their customer support.


7th order and no problems

I can't complain. Moved form Interparcel to Parcelmonkey and so far never had any problems with them (I only use CitiLink service).

Prices good, but long delivery and lots of spam

Overall, I am happy. Price was 20% cheaper than anywhere else, but I had to wait more than 2 weeks for goods.

They also have own system of "discounts" which requests monthly payments for discount vouchers (bit dodgy). This happened to me when placed order with toolbox and plumbworld (same company).

I have also started receiving many sales e-mails from other sister companies.


Wrong item, only credit payment and problems with returns

My wife has ordered a rocker to safe few ££. What she didn't noticed was that there is a 2 week delivery and she had to open a credit account to pay for goods.
Item was delivered after almost 3 weeks. No direct payments (so that some buyers will pay interest if forget to pay!)

It was only a cover so we have called and told that the frame will be delivered wasn't.
After another 2 weeks weeks we called them again and had to purchase same item again and return cover.

Return is free, but it's been two weeks, 3 e-mails and 3 phone calls and item is still not collected!

I would not recommend

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