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Scan Computers


I've been using Scan since they were a small pretty much local only shop for everything from budget equipment to high end enthusiast hardware. Overall I must of spent thousands with Scan and I have never had one problem with them, I will carry on recommending them and shopping there. I had one problem with a faulty product, I took it in to their shop where it was quickly tested and I walked out with a replacement 10 minutes later.

It's recently got better to, I am a music producer/DJ and they have now started selling professional audio equipment. If they sold food + drink I would never have to go elsewhere :p

I recently left them some positive feedback on their site, I was surprised when I received a very kind e-mail from a member of staff thanking me for my comments which not many companies have the effort to do.

I recently made the mistake of buying some headphones from a different company who are based in Birmingham as Scan don't stock the model of headphones I wanted (Audio-Technica ATH AD700/AD900 if you're reading this Scan, very good for gaming ;)), it's been 3 days and my product hasn't even been dispatched. Lesson learnt, only buy computer related items from Scan...

I would recommend Scan to everyone, especially if you live local to their Bolton store


Great Phones

I have a HTC Sensation and it is the best phone I've ever used, would highly recommend one


Nothing Special

I am very happy with the TV service and broadband that Virgin supply, but there are so many factors which let them down, the main 3 being:

Their stupid traffic management policies, I can understand why they enforce them but seriously, 700mb is nothing to a gamer/music producer. I can download around 10 tracks in WAV format, and about 1/4 of a game and then Virgin cut my internet to ridiculously slow speeds.

Their TV boxes are so slow, I'm not sure what hardware is in these TV boxes but the delay on it is awful. It takes a few second just to turn over and going into the TV guide or on demand can result in crashes half the time.

Every time I've rang up for support I get put on to an Indian who I can hardly understand and never seems to know what I am on about.


Very helpful

My friend booked a flight for us both and later I realised he had use my shortened name and not my full name which is on my passport. I read in to the matter and most companies would charge anything between £25 and £200 just to change the name. I e-mailed Monarch and got a swift reply back letting me know my name has been changed and there will be no problems.


Slight delay and poor customer service but got there in the end

I ordered some headphones on the Sunday night as they seemed quite cheap and had free next day delivery. I received an e-mail to say the order was confirmed, payment has been taken and I will receive an e-mail when the item has been dispatched.

I never received any further e-mails from them so on the Tuesday I spoke with a member of staff via their online chat, it took her over 20 minutes just to tell me it hasn't been shipped, she doesn't know why and she will e-mail to tell me why. *EDIT - After a recent phone call it seems they do not stock the headphones directly as the headphones are being delivered to them on Thursday, so I should receive them on Friday, they don't make this very clear on their website*

Having a feeling I was just going to be forgotten about I later sent an e-mail to their customer services asking why it hasn't been shipped and if it is out of stock could they kindly let me know so I could cancel my order, an automatic reply told me I would get a response in 24 hours.

It is now Wednesday evening and I've still not received an e-mail about my delivery, an e-mail from the member off staff or a reply to my e-mail. I've told them if the item has not been delivered by Friday I will be sending the item back (if it ever arrives) under the Distance Selling Regulations for a full refund.

EDIT : Shortly after posting this review I received a phone call from Audio Affair explaining how quite a few members of staff have recently been taken ill which is why there has been a delay with a reply. Also that the headphones are due with them tomorrow and should reach me on Friday, it's a shame it took a poor review on here to get a reply but it is appreciated and put my mind at rest knowing they are dealing with it.

Edit #2 : The item arrived on the Sunday, it seems as though they do not hold the stock themselves as the items are shipped from the manufacturer to them, and then on to us. This takes around a week, they fail to tell you this on the website and advertise orders as next day delivery, false hope. If they would of had this on their site I would not of ordered from them and I could of avoided this whole problem.

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