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We bought 3 tickets to our destination, and another 3 return for 2 weeks later. Total cost of £79. 2 adults and 1 child. Then we had to change the return journey as I put the date in wrong online. Human error. So, I phoned and had to pay another £55 to get new tickets and await a measly £36 refund! Disgusting.
Now we find we are unable to make the trip and are told by an ignorant, hard to understand operative that we have to pay £10 per person per trip and we can change the date on the tickets, but only if we do it by December!!! Huh??? The tickets are for 17th and 30th November!!!!!!!!! What a plank. You've had £98 from us already and you want ANOTHER £60?????????????? Daylight robbery.
We cannot alter the tickets they were for a specific trip that was cancelled. The tickets are from Birmingham to Reading, we live in Cornwall but were going to stay with relatives to make that journey. Not even a partial refund.
We now all know how make their money... by ripping off Joe Publiic and not giving a toss about it.
I have decided to be charitable, and will leave the tickets in my local train station shelter where homeless people gather. I hope THEY enjoy their journey with who can also be found at

My Tuxedo

Fantastic value, fantastic service, fantastic products

The waist coats we purchased for our very tight budgeted wedding arrived in great condition, perfectly represented on site and extreme value for money. We can recommend very strongly indeed!

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