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Absolute Crap!

Me and my husband took out insurance on our TV over a year ago with KnowHow. Few month ago we started to encounter problems like the pixels started to mess up and go bright red and pictures started to burn in after a second. So we phoned KnowHow. They came and picked the Tv up. Gave us a timescale of 7 days.

So 7 days passed and they brought the Tv back. We plugged it in and instead of red pixels, this time there were purple and blue pixels aswell. We couldnt get our signal to work either which was fine before they took it. Our TV has touch buttons, and the vol down button was like it was constantly being pressed. but even when youd press vol down, the vol would go up. So using the Tv was impossible.

We rang them back and they came a few days later to pick the TV back up. now that was over 3 week ago. on the day of delivary we got a call from the delivary driver at 9:30 at night saying he had a box with our name on but it wasnt a 50" TV. said he would get ours delivered the day after. but it didnt arrive. They claimed to have lost our tv, but then found it, we have rang up loads of times and just keep getting fobbed off. Someone said they have a policy of, if you dont receive your TV in 21 days you get a new one. Now thats changed, to 28 days, but now they still wont give us a new 1 until they find out whats wrong with our TV. and apparently if it isnt a hardware problem then i assume from what they said, we wont be getting a new TV. And its still on going now.

Still havent got a TV hanging on my wall!! they have messed us around so much, its rediculous. no knows what the hell theyre doing. Just get me my DAMN TV!! thats all i ask.

I would never reccomend Knowhow. They should be called "KnowHow not to do it" Absolute rubbish. I havent heard anything good about this company.

And to here a review from someone who works there and say its useless... well that tells you something. Cant wait to be finished with them!!

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