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Lawson HIS

Close (Sales Person) Attention to detail .. Works every time 4 me

Paul (Sales agent) almost became a friend swopping notes on Supported Football Teams .. Of course the product was key and in this regard he helped me with my indecision and when Two Products arrived for me to make a final choice from The Return was simple and relevant refund promptly effected ..

That (in my book) IS Pretty Impressive .. and I thank them/you accordingly ..

Bill Wright.

Fear Of Buying Badly .. Totally Taken Care Of ..

They Listened Carefully to me .. They then Re-Listened, to Ensure they Knew Enough about my Needs and Requirements, in order to be able to offer me ..
A Wholesome Slice of Knowlegeable, Rock Solid, Advice ..

I took their advice .. they turned out to be Absolutely Right ..

However their'll be Many a Customer who like me will walk out of a Shop/Store with their purchases, YET still wondering .. Perhaps even worrying .. If they've made the right decision ..

That fear was totally taken away from me by the Store Manager making it clear that I should .. Try out the gear for a few days.. In order to be Very Certain it was right for my bands forthcoming gigs AND if not then "No Probs" .. Return it and Replace with whatever it took from the store for us to be .. Entirely Comfortable we'd bought well ..

Actually there was no need .. They'd advised us Spot On first time .. Needless to say we've put the word about and we'll be back .. Hopefully for a Big New Bose P A .. Thanks Guys ..

Wylbert (Ja maica) Playing it L I V E .. Roots Reggae, Soul & Rock n Roll .. Yeah Man !!

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