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Always have a great rapport with the team in the Reading showroom as they have an interest in the technology they sell. I usually build my own performance computers, but decided after years of taking the trip down to Novatech Portsmouth that I would pop in to the newish Reading store and make some enquiries about their high-end rigs.

Got a cracking deal on an i& rig so I added a 2nd GTX570 for SLI graphics and a Noctua CPU cooler with dual-scythe fans. The team were very helpful and even fitted my new CPU cooler and did a great job of improving on the cable management so the base unit could accommodate the 2nd GPU.

Great company, with a great team of enthusiastic staff and usually the best prices on the Internet.

Beyond Television

Extremely Poor

Poor Delivery - Be Careful

Looking down this list it looks like I was not the only person suffering this very same issue at the very same time, Which is very alarming indeed.

In summary the great price and saving on the 3yr extended warranty was not worth the considerable hassle. Their customer services offering is very inadequate and THEY NEED TO CHANGE THEIR COURIER who's poor, dishonest and fraudulent behaviour is reflecting very badly on their business.

If you have a couple more minutes to spare and want a bit more detail
read on:

I ordered a Samsung D8000 TV on 7th November on a 'Guaranteed' Next Day Delivery. The consignment never turned up and when I phoned and e-mailed customer services I was told it had already been delivered and signed for. Following this revelation and subsequent complaint it took A MONTH to get this resolved, with investigations appearing to suggest that the consignment was 'mislaid' by their courier Yodel or Yodel's own delivery agent. If you have 5 minutes to spare do a bit of research on this courier via google, but to be honest even just the feedback on this website is shocking enough.

Prior to getting the situation resolved with BeyondTV they sent me an e-mail, and I quote 'The courier is adamant that the TV was delivered to the correct address, we suggest you contact the police'... and left me to try and pick up the pieces. They didn't even have the courtesy to phone me... absolutely shocking!

Taken in its entirety the Customer Service provision was very poor, mainly restricted to e-mail and I often had to chase numerous times to get an update. Their was a total lack of transparency over any details relating to the delivery. Even though the team were very polite when I actually spoke to them, they did like to hide behind e-mail and seemed to be allergic to picking up the phone. Its not even close to being satisfactory and not good enough for an organisation who mainly deal with online customers.

Anyway, one month on from placing the order and after a substantial amount of stress, Yodel eventually took liability for misplacing the consignment and BeyondTV promptly sent another one to me, delivered by their own, very friendly, driver.

Be very careful and if you decide to purchase from BeyondTV you should insist your order is not handled by Yodel.

If anyone at BeyondTV is reading this and disagrees with anything I have said, then don’t respond on here. You had your opportunity to discuss this with me already. You are better off investing your time in improving your customer service and delivery options and to make more of an effort to communicate with your customers, which starts with a dedicated customer services hotline phone number and members of staff who spend more time on the phone then on e-mail and review sites...

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