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Inaccurate, Biased, Extravagant and Unpleasant

Factual reporting, both on Radio and TV is, in matters with which I am familiar, very often full of mistakes, relevant omissions, inaccurate assumptions and poor research. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that this also applies to areas with which I am not familiar.
A Left-wing bias is now very obviously thoroughly endemic throughout the organisation, both in a general trendy metropolitan liberal sense and regarding partisan party political matters. This is especially obvious and disgraceful in the international output, both of radio and TV.
The standard of language and speech is appalling, with very poor selection of staff with regard to how an individual will sound to the listeners and viewers and frequent totally unnecessary swearing and general unpleasantness in all parts of the output. The over-staffing of BBC teams, in all areas, is, in my experience, a travesty of extravagance, matched only by the way in which they have lost touch with reality in their remuneration scales.
To be fair, I acknowledge that some aspects of the BBC output, such as wild-life programmes, weather and travel, some comedy and drama and the web-site and iPlayer, can sometimes be excellent.
As someone who should be part of the core support audience for the organisation, I have now despaired of any expectation of a quality product. It is even becoming questionable whether standards are in compliance with the BBC charter for what is supposed to be a Public Service organisation. I am, reluctantly, considering giving up TV so that I can cease the financial support that I am, at present, obliged to provide in an outdated licensing arrangement.

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