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are you trying to cut out deliveries?

WHAT'S HAPPENING SCREWFIX? I used to buy everything from you but now the things I want are out of stock for delivery. I cant drive 50 miles to pick up the things I need from you.
I've started buying from toolstation but some of their stuff is poor quality.

Come back screwfix and bring the great range you used to deliver with you (plumbing stuff) your staff are excellent but I smell a strategy here and someone needs to know the faithful are wobbling.

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Printer scanner good price

I needed a scanner and I ended up getting a canon printer scanner photocopier with built in wireless for £35 delivered, arrived the following day - no hassle. Cheers!


This is the second time Plumbworld have let me down, and absolutely the last.
I am a plumber and I spent £20k last year online buying bathrooms for customers, the only real problem I ever had was with Plumbworld.

Main gripe? They lie about having items in stock and then put you through two weeks of uncertainty constantly delaying delivery and playing games designed to help them keep your money for as long as possible. This has just cost me an important customer.

Main reason for my anger? You cannot speak with them, they advertise a contact number but all you get is a recorded message stating that they only communicate via email - so why the telephone number? I'd guess it's because they would look untrustworthy if there wasn't one and sadly that's the truth of the matter.

Some of the other reviews on this site look nothing like the experiences I have had with Plumbworld and look scripted to me, try looking at other review sites to see what peoples' opinions are elsewere.

Avoid this company like the plague, owned and run by an accountant, who else could dream up such an intensely complex yet ingenious way to raise money without interest charges - don't stack em high but sell em cheap anyway and then give a refund after a fortnight.

This firm has cost me my last customer. NEVER AGAIN.

And if you're reading this Mr Plumbworld, please stop sending me feedback evaluation emails, you either ignore the feedback or don't read it so what's the point? I'd rather spend my time giving everyone else my opinions.

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