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Make it nearly impossible to leave. Terrible customer service.

Customer service: Awful. Price: OK. Network access: OK. Choice of phones: Poor. Made it nay on impossible to leave my contract AFTER the term was up. You can't unlock phones locked on to "3". AVOID!


Good resource, but some hateful stuff on there.

Its been kept free, and that is great, I don't mind about the adverts. There is a lot of choice too. But it is a forum for some truly hateful videos and comments. Also the maximum upload on a free account is too small for my liking!


Very good value

Flies from Heathrow, no charge for checked in luggage, free snack on the plane, but still budget price.


Some good value flights

Always seems to be trying to trick you on the website. Ridiculous charges on luggage, of course great if you don't need checked in luggage, but they must know very few people are travelling without anything that can't be taken in the cabin.


Great value for money

Obviously it lacks shops, and a phone line, but these are two of the things that I have hated about previous network providers. I have only made one query and it was dealt with very adequately. Fantastically cheap.


Good generally. Better than eBay

Have had occasional problems, with speed of delivery and "out of stock" after purchase, but generally a good site.


eBay is OK. Usually not the best option.

I continue to use eBay on and off, for selling and buying. I can see that there is a problem with the balance of burden on the seller in conflicts, though have been lucky enough to not deal with dishonest buyers. Products are cheap, but there are a lot of fake, replica, poor quality products.

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