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Fobbed off again and again

Very unhappy with the poor service I've received - still waiting on an order for a Dali Zensor 1 and black Yamaha A-S500 amp bundle placed on 18th Feb which was supposedly 'in stock' and therefore eligible for next day delivery. Had the money taken out of my account the next day but have not received a single phone call in over 3 weeks to let me know what was going on. Phoned many times to chase things up:

21st Feb - was told that the black version of the amp was out of stock and that the website couldn't distinguish between different stock levels for different colours!
28th Feb - was told that the member of staff in question was busy and would call me back, which didn't happen. Phoned again later that afternoon to chase things up as well as change the amp colour to silver, was told that the silver model was out of stock too and would be back in stock 'Tuesday or Wednesday next week'. No word at all last week
11th March - was told that they'd received the silver version of the amp the day before and that I'd receive it the next day before 12 PM.
12th March - no sign of order. Phoned and was told that the order hadn't been collected by DPD due to an error and would be with me tomorrow. Who knows if that'll really happen?

Have been fobbed off time and time again and still no sign of my order. Avoid like the plague!


*EDITED* Disappointing but made amends

I placed an order for a USB headphone amp on the 23th Nov and the money was withdrawn from my account the day after. I then received an email on the 28th saying that it would be delivered from the supplier 'within 3 or 4 days'.

Despite sending follow-up emails, I then didn't hear anything further until the 6th December when customer support promised to phone me back regarding the delivery status. That still hadn't happened by the end of the following day so I requested a refund. The member of staff seemed to accept my request but frankly, couldn't have sounded like she cared less. I suspected I would be forgotten about yet again and so it's proved - it's now nearly a week later and I'm still waiting on my refund, my order is still listed as 'Processing' and there's been no indication that I'll be seeing either the item or the money in my account any time soon.

Perhaps I've been lucky in the past and I'm aware that my experience seems to be in the minority but this is the worst experience I've ever had in 10 or 11 years of online shopping!

EDIT: Got a very apologetic phone call from Penny a few hours after posting my original review explaining the situation (employee illness etc) which I appreciated and the refund is going through now at last. Like others have said, it shouldn't take a review on here to get my request pushed through and it was disconcerting to have the money withdrawn from my account so quickly and then not hear anything - especially when it was my first order with the company. But the situation seems to have been resolved and I felt that things were well handled in the end.

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