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No telephone help line 2 days to answer emails

Found a great deal on a mirror , long lead time 3 weeks for delivery.
Estimated delivery date came and went no sign of the mirror , couldn't contact Achica by telephone only email , which is against the law not to have a telephone line on an internet company.
After 2 days they reply to emails telling me they would look into it , 2 days more I got tracking details. The Parcel sent by XDP has the wrong depot marked on the shipment so its been going back and forth between the two branches with no hope of ever getting to me - I have asked Achica to get this sorted 5 times now , but replies take 2 days each time. Before you part with your cash have a good long think about using this company.


Never Never use this poor excuse for a delivery service

Paid for next day delivery and its sat in the Manchester office now for the last 3 days
tracking Z3DQXP021879 I have emailed the company (No reply) called the company answer machine tells me they are far to busy to answer the phone - My advise read the other reviews for this company and stay well clear,

Manchester office number 0161 8772581 (they never Answer)
20 Dec 2013
05:19AM Z3DQXP021879001 325 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
19 Dec 2013
05:20AM Z3DQXP021879001 325 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
18 Dec 2013
05:51AM Z3DQXP021879001 325 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
18 Dec 2013
05:50AM Z3DQXP021879001 325 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
17 Dec 2013
20:22PM All Barcodes 325 EXCEPTION Return
17 Dec 2013
16:20PM All Barcodes 325 EXCEPTION Return
17 Dec 2013
08:02AM 325 DELIVERY Out for Delivery - Route 50 - ETA: 9:51am to 12:51pm
17 Dec 2013
06:56AM Z3DQXP021879001 325 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
16 Dec 2013
14:41PM Z3DQXP021879001 313 COLLECT At Collection Depot

The above item was never refused as it was never delivered !

Delivery Number 2:

I have just had the misfortune to deal with this company and again its been sent to the wrong delivery office - so back and forth it goes never to get delivered:
17 Apr 2014
11:11AM All Barcodes 325 EXCEPTION Re-Direct
17 Apr 2014
11:08AM 325 DELIVERY Out for Delivery - Route 68 - ETA: 12:01pm to 3:01pm
17 Apr 2014
05:52AM ZFBLIJ012419001 325 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
16 Apr 2014
06:04AM ZFBLIJ012419001 325 DELIVERY At Delivery Depot
15 Apr 2014

I have never ever dealt with such a poor performance Courier.

23 December 2013

Reply from

Hello Robert, I have spoken to the regional manager who can comfirm that the goods were refused from the delivery address they then delivered it to an alternative address as per your request, where a concierge had to sign and pass onto you, the depot are not happy about this, as this has been done a few times. It would help everyone concerned if you give your supplier the correct address when placing orders.
Regards Jennifer

Hello Robert, I have passed this onto the regional manager, I am really sorry for this inconvenience but would expect it to be resolved as a matter of urgency.
Regards Jennifer


I can see why this company has so many Excellent ratings (Its Really good)

Nice to deal with a company that informs you every step of the way through the order process.
Great prices fast shipping a pleasure to deal with.
Many thanks


Never Never Waste your time or money with Company

This is now the 5th time Economy Delivery from China to the UK takes two weeks to arrive , Always the same Indian call centre give's you the same scripted answers for the delay , Storm , delayed flights , package not ready on time etc.

They tell you to send an email to customer services (who never reply) I have now told all my suppliers NEVER to use this company ever again.


Lost Both Orders very poor Customer service

Placed two orders with this company first at 1pm 2 hours before next day delivery cut off. Called the next day for tracking to be told due to a computer problem my order had been misplaced on the system and not yet shipped and that now they have found it , it would be delivered the next day.
After being happy with the product I ordered another , then called 3 days later to find out again why the order had not been delivered , to be told they had no trace of the second order. Then the next day i received an email to say they thought the order had been a duplication ( even though it was ordered 2 days later with a different order number) the order arrived one week after placing the order , hardly next day delivery !!

Would i buy from them again NO


Never Never Never use this Company

I have Faulty Franking machine with a £500 a year Maintenance contract and after 10 calls and 3 hours of my time I still don't know when and if they will come out to fix it.

Indian call centre is next to useless.

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Yet another Website Technical fault (No stock)

Placed an online order for a "stock" LG 42LM3400 (3 day delivery) after 2 days I enquired to when the item was going to be shipped to be told that there had been a technical problem with the website and they would not have stock for another 2 weeks.
I asked for the item to be cancelled and a full refund to be given its been 4 days so far and the refund still has not gone back onto my card.

It seems im not the only customer who has "Techinical Issues" with the website

My advice is stay clear of them

Called First to check stock then paid for next day delivery online as requested

First (and last) time i have used this company, I Telephoned first to make sure they had stock and was told yes they have and would i place the order online.
I placed the order online around 12.30 with last time for next day delivery 14.00 I paid extra for next day delivery £18
The following day no courier had arrived and my status was still processing after a telephone call i was told my order would be with me on Monday (4 days later than next day delivery) they could not even deliver the item "next day" the following day either !
They were sorry the order did not go out and no reason for the delay - I have requested a refund and used another company.

Never Again dont waste your time with this company

Tried to buy a Sim Free Galaxy note online to my buisness using 3d Secure after 3 hours I was told the address did not match with the address the credit card had on file and that they would correct this for me and contact me by email.
3 hours later I called to ask what was going on to be told they were too busy at the moment and they would deal with it.
After another hour I called again , this time I was told to pay again online using the correct address and the delivery would be send for next day delivery.
The next day after paying for the phone twice I called again to be told nothing had been done with the order yet.
So i kindly told them what to do with their poor service and bought one from [Link] (I wish I had found them first)

Just looking at the other poor reviews for buymobilephone it seems poor service is what to expect so my advice is dont waste your time with them.

Unlocked Mobiles

Amazing Fast Professional Service

Fast Quick hassle free professional service I wish I had tried here first before wasting a week on other companies -

Amazon paid next day delivery 3 days later item still not sent ! (Refund) was by far the worst company to ever deal with paid for next day delivery after 2 days still no order sent ! (Refund) I can highly recommend and will be comming back to buy my Samsung galaxy S3 thanks again Robert


Lost the third parcel unable to cantact them

This is now the Third time this company has lost one of my parcels on the site they no longer display any contact details , no telephone numbers live chat does not work and no email details - I will never use this service again-

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