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Cheap, Simple, Easy

What more could you want.

Ultralase - Precisely what your eyes deserve

Better than HD!

Treatment: Intra LASIK Wavefront
L -3.0 R -2.50
Pupil size: 7mm
£1,995 Offer
Clinic: Chester

Its now 3 weeks post-op and I only have say positive things about Ultralase, professional, clean, modern, straight forward, answered every question I asked.

Post-OP Time line:

24 hours - Vision was very blurry it was like there was smoke everywhere I looked, went back for my check up surgeon said everything was looking good and had 20/20 vision and the smokeyness is normal.

48 hours - Vision still "smoky" but improving.

72 hours - Vision was not smoky any more and I could drive but left eye was not as clear as the right, I was concerned so I called Ultralase and they put me through to an optician right away and she said that its totally normal for each eye to heal differently and at different rates so I was put at ease.

Week 1 - both eyes now had the same vision but night halos were bad.

Week 2 - Had my 2 week check-up the optician said everything was looking good and I could stop the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drops, night halos still there but improving everyday the optician and surgeon said it could take up to 2-3 months for them to improve but I'm not expecting a 100% improvement.

So was it worth it? Yes defiantly waking up in the morning and just being able to see straight away is amazing :)

Just some points if you are considering getting laser eye surgery:

No water on your face for 2 weeks.
No touching of your eyes for 2 weeks.
No gym or sports or anything for 2 weeks, 3 months if its contact sports.
2 weeks of night guards (Very annoying leave marks on your face)
The anti-inflammatory drops taste very bad.
Fire service, army.... may not accept laser eye patients just a note always check first.
It could be anything up to 6 months before you see the end result.
Your night vision might be poor.

The actual surgery is painless just slight discomfort at the start with the pressure cups, the nurse tells you what's going on as your just laying there and counts down how long till the laser finishes, all in all I was only in the surgery room for about 6 minutes.

Another good note is they said if 6 months or 6 years down the line if you vision changes again you get 1 free do over.

Do your research. Good luck!

10 Month up date: Vision is better then 20/20 night vision a little poor but nothing bad the same as with contact lenses all in all very happy!

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OK unless you have issues

First issue - Delivery starts at £3.99!

Second Issue - No free returns!

Third issue - Customer service number was hard to get and when I did call I was on hold for 20 minutes!

Fourth Issue - Item which was sent still have security tag on!

Fifth Issue - Sent back to take the tag off they said they had none left!? All I wanted was the tag to be taken off!?

No response from emails - 10 days later...

Poor Poor Poor.


Top Service, Top Price, Top Products!

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