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Top Battery

Avoid if you don't want hassle

I checked first but not closely enough as I find the fishy evidence only now. They sent me a battery but not the one I wanted, closely related, and when it didn't work said it should be compatible (it isn't which was to be my let out clause with Paypal if they hadn't been fraudulent) and to keep trying. When I asked for a refund they told me to send it back (to China!!) to be 'tested' at my expense (which is in the small print). The cost they estimated to do this £5-7 is less than half what it costs to send back recorded (if you send it back normal they can say it got lost). However I told them as it was clearly their mistake (wrong item, not compatible) and they should credit me the postage first. They insisted I send it back still at my expense so as I had paid by PaYPAL I claimed a refund. Waiting for this to be resolved now. Do not deal with these people. They claim to be UK based and even show a Royal Mail logo on delivery. I only contacted them as 2 suppliers I had contacted told me it was easier to buy replacement batteries on the internet and cheaper than going to ACER who charge £100+. Luckily the 3rd supplier who I spoke to told me about the top-battery scam - told me the battery was probably an old and discharged one, contact paypal for a refund, and told me they could supply me a new UK sourced one for £50. If I had known..........I am not saying they are frauds - they seem to go to a lot of trouble to be frauds - eg even send you something and engage in dialogue via e-mail, and even apparently have some fans here. but I think the batteries they supply are recycled and you can be unlucky and if you are it will cost you.......

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