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Only use if you like not getting your delivery, being kept on hold and being told by depots "there is nothing we can do"

This relates to FedEx in the Uk.

There is a major problem in that this is a franchise and the depots insist that "they are nothing to do with FedEx". This is backed up by there being disastrous communication between the Customer service team and the depots. The depots don't really believe in answering the phone so one is forced to ring the main Customer Service number who promise delivery etc. Thing is, the communication to the depot does not get through. End result - many hours on the phone, being cut off regularly, on hold too long, and no delivery.
Sort it out FedEx. Your brand is going downhill.
Bad - never use this company!


Are they still trading? I am amazed

I bought running joggers which I had to return. JJB would not honour their returns policy as I had worn the joggers - silly me I should have KNOWN they would be faulty with my laser eyes and not had to actually WEAR them to discover this. Silly me not to use the laser eyes to save myself the trouble of buying the joggers in the first place.

As I did not use the prerequisite visual eye-detection-fault-scanning technique JJB would not refund.

I said "I shall stand here until you do" (I was in their store in Abbey Wood Filton Bristol) They said "Fine, Stand there".

Meanwhile security guards circled me muttering into their phones.

Very polite but resolute Polish staff clearly worried about losing their jobs. Would not budge.

I leave it to you to decide whether to run the risk of buying from this outfit.


Morrisons - the low profile heroes

Morrison's do not have the best brand going - you'll have to bypass that.

But here are some products worthwhile visiting Morrisons for:

- Linseed bread - fantastic, eat it fresh but then keep any until it goes stale and make the most superbly delicious croutons from it

- Muesli bread - gorgeous with cranberries, linseeds and raisins

- Goats cheddar - nutty, lemony, divine (and perfect for non-dairy cheese sauces - ask me for the recipe)

and no I don't work for Morrisons. I have been meaning to email them ref these fab products so I hope you are reading this Morrison's buyers!


Maplins - excellent instore and online

As I admit I am quick to point out faults it is only fair to take the time to praise that which is good and that which excels. In my opinion Maplins excels.

My instore experience of Maplins is that they are knowleadgeable and helpful, in fact EXTREMELY helpful. So I felt confident using their website to order Christmas presents. The website is unusually easy to use and they have a no-nonsense way of setting out key information without any hype - (what a refreshing change to the normal loads-hype-no-useful-data approach from others)

Really excellent company all round. The staff have clearly received good training and there is a clear enthusiasm for their subject (electrical goods) which makes shopping with them a pleasure and a relief.


Carphone warehouse - tatty shop

I was surprised when I walked into Carphone Warehouse (Bedminster branch in Bristol) at the low lighting levels and generally tatty appearance. There was no sales person in attendance - at least so I initially thought - but then saw a sales assistant on a phone lurking behind a pillar - he refused to catch my eye. I stood by the counter expectantly - another sales assistant emerged from the back of the shop and said "You alright there?" I replied "I would quite like to buy a phone" and she waved her arm at the display and said "You can have any of those"

Well, I could go on and tell the whole sad story but I think you get the gist.

After a sorry exchange of mis-communication I walked out bemused and very, very sure that I would never ever go to a Carphone Warehouse again.


Debenhams online shopping - steer very very clear

The level of service received from Debenhams (online ordering) is quite shocking. They do not reply to emails, keep one on hold for too long when calling in and provide deeply rude and sullen personnel to handle their customer service.

It's a terrible shame that the Debenhams name has been tainted this way but I will not feel the same way about them again.

Steer clear.

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