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Site works well, pity about the people though.

I advertised for a lodger for a spare room in my own house.

I had about 2-3 enquiries per week. Many from Europeans of whom some did not speak much English or have any friends who did.

Although I advertised for professional people it seems as if all jobs are professional now, building labourers, waiters, maids etc. I start by asking them where they work so they have a chance of getting there every day.

Very few had managed to look up the location and just assumed the named location was exactly where my house is located. Few actually wanted to live in a nice residential location but over or next to shops.

Like many London locations my house is served by four buses but is 13 min walk from a tube. So many did not want to accept that and virtually none followed my instructions for coming by bus and came by tube and then complained that 14 min is too long to walk.

Many came with no street map and arrived up to an hour later than expected because they could not follow simple directions, even a pure English lady! The odd few came on time and had no problem finding their way! Some never came and did not bother to tell me either!

I told one from the opposite side of London that I was much too far away but she insisted on coming and then seemed to be blaming me because it was too far for her.

Most of the problem people were under 23 years old. It seems younger people are very disorganised, and very irresponsible about making appointments and bothering to cancel if they have decided not to come! I was never like that when I was young!

Eventually I got an older lady who had paid £79 to an Agency who then contacted me and arranged for her to come to see me. She seems OK and works as a cleaner and helps to keep my house very clean!

Gas Boiler Parts

Reasonable prices and fast service.

I ordered the gas part in the morning and it was delivered the next day.

The courier sent a text and email to give the times ( 1623-1723 hrs ) during which times it would be delivered. It came at about 1624hrs. They are very professional UNLIKE City Link and some others who are hopeless.

The only slight reservation is that some of the confirmations came in another trading name which was initially slightly confusing.

But otherwise very good indeed.


Generally good

They are quick and efficient.

However, it would be easier to place further orders if they sent a copy on one's prescription with their promotional emails or on request.

Reasonable prices and quick and easy to use.

12 December 2011

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Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately, sending your prescription with promotional emails isn't something we can do at present with our current system.

However, during our next site redesign, this is certainely a feature which we will consider, and something we hadn't thought of before.

Kindest Regards

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