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Disgusting !!!!!!!!!!

Everything is good if thing goes smoothly,as soon as you have a problem thats when you realized that you dealing with the worst customer service ever !!! They removing listings when they want to(despite the fact that my boots were genuine) just cos someone else didnt like the pictures,and never gives me the reason of removing it.Another awful experience with ebay recently : Sold a coat,buyer claimed never received it,(Iv had the post office receipt to prove postage) but found out from other sellers that the same buyer did it 8 times in the space of 2 weeks!!! So we contacted ebay -but they didnt listen,buyer got to keep the items(which surely were delivered) and ebay just took money from our bank accounts and pay her back ! So ebay- to big for your shoes !!!!!!!!Closing my account today! Not worth the hassle! Forget seller protection! They only want your money!

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