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Some debatable practices; little desire to deliver customer satisfaction

Booked a flight through this company and have now found that i am unable to get visa for my destination. Called to try and arrange something else only to be told that the airline had applied the condition of not being able to change the booking at all. Called the airline who say they have no restrictions on this booking, and that all restrictions are applied by BudgetAir. Called BudgetAir back and they re-iterated that they have applied no restrictions to the ticket. Now I'm in a circle where no-one is willing to try and help to find a solution. Obviously i should have read the conditions more closely before booking, but I'm also just looking to find a solution to this problem (i.e. another flight from the destination to elsewhere), but that help is certainly not forthcoming from BudgetAir. Futhermore, the fees to canel the flight are priced so that even the taxes can't be claimed back. A company who hides behind excuses and conditions care certainly not a company who are looking to have a satisfied customer (if they had tried to work something out with me then a glowing review may have followed).

I'm sure if you read the conditions closely (and have a degree in legal jargon), and no unforeseen circumstances arise, that you can have a good experience with BudgetAir, but if the unforeseen does occur then expect to be on your own.

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29 November 2013

Reply from

Dear Mr. Crockatt

We are sorry to hear about your visa problem. sells tickets as per the terms and conditions of the airline. We have no discretion in deciding whether you can change or cancel your ticket.

For your reference we will forward you the terms and conditions of your ticket as defined by the airline.

Our agents tried to come through for you and contacted the airline to request they make an exemption in your situation – unfortunately to no avail.

The airline determines the rules governing your ticket and is therefore free to break them; if the airline allows you to change your ticket, as you state, we suggest you deal directly with them.

Alternatively, if you can provide us with a statement from the airline, or the contact details of the agent you spoke to, we would be glad to verify this information.

Kind regards

Good service

Wide selection, good prices, very fast delivery (next day). Exactly why you expect from an online company.


Good products, good prices

Happy with the service, products and prices. Delivery times are also good, and P&P is free if you order enough. I have had one product which wasn't perfect (a lump of something white in it) and i find the bags they now use for the proteins not a great solution (they tend to split/not close properly). This is why i have scored them as 4 and not a 5.

Would use again, but delivery time was excessive

Good selection of products and good prices. Everything went well except delivery which took ages from the date i ordered (about 2 weeks). This wasn't a real problem, but it is worth being aware of for future orders.

Albelli Fotoboeken


Products are reasonably ok, and delivery is quick. Personally i hate the Ryanair tactic of selling things - the prices you see is about half of what you need to pay to get the product. If they were to change this then i would score them higher.


Always fine, nothing special

Picture quality isn't the best, but is fine. Printing and delivery is quick. Price is competitive. Customer service quickly replaced poor quality prints when i complained.



Have used this company several times. Product always as described, wide selection on the website, delivery very quick every time (next day). Exactly what you want from an online retailer.



Ordered, and paid for, a product 35 days ago. Completely no contact from the company about the order at all, then eventually got a response today to tell me that the product was no longer in stock. That it took them 35 days to work out that it wasn't in stock says it all.


Fine, nothing better, nothing worse.

Ordered a couple of things, both of which were shown as 'in stock' on their website. It turns out one of these was no longer in stock, which isn't very professional, and it took 5 days to communicate this to me (also unacceptable in this day and age). They did offer an alternative to the product i'd ordered which was suitable for my purposes, but by the time this was all sorted out, it was 9 days before my product arrived. In an age when most companies can get things there the next day, this is poor. I did get (almost) what i wanted in the end though. One other big downside of this company is that they use the utterly useless for delivery. A big improvement to the service would be the use of a better courier service.


Without a doubt the worst courier service in NL

Where to start? Regularly i receive a card saying they tried to deliver something, but have been home all day and no-one has rung the doorbell (yes, i have tested to see if the doorbell is working on these occasions). They refuse deliver the package to my door (i live on the 3rd floor), not a problem generally, but it resulted in several packages being delivered to the local postkantoor (or sent back to the company) while i had a broken leg (where i couldn't collect them from because i had a broken leg). They are the ONLY company that i have experienced who do not bring the packages to the door. I've even been threatened by the delivery driver for taking too long to put my shoes on to go collect a package from him (he claims he wasn't threatening me, but it remains unclear why he would then tell me that he was going to come and visit me in the night with his Iranian friends). The time it took me to put these shoes on was about 2 minutes. The only way to change a delivery time is to register my details on their website - why they should need my personal details to do this is a mystery to me.

I wouldn't use this company for anything, and if any online retailers do use them, then i make sure not to use there retailers again. There are several courier companies who offer superior services, and i am happy to pay a little extra to have a basic level of customer service, and to not be threatened on my own doorstep.

Good site

I have used several times and find it very user friendly and i have always been satisfied with the price and service provided.



Website is very shiny and slick (as with the shops), but it all feels a bit put-on, like they are going for sophistication, but just missing it. They give the impression of exclusivity, but at the same time it is so common. Coffee is ok, but very expensive. I drink my way though about €300 Euros worth a year, and that's only having a couple a day. The delivery is generally good, although the recycling service is a bit hit and miss (sometimes the delivery company take it sometimes they won't). It's a pain that you can't buy it at the supermarket or somewhere similar though. I have enough to plan without having to plan to buy coffee.



Where to start? The website is terrible. Now when i want to check the price of flights have have to click the box to agree to the terms and conditions first and then i need to fill in the security code, and finally i get the prices, which, of course, are not the final prices. I then need to deselect everything i don't want (instead of just selecting the services i do), sometimes even needing to confirm that i don't want it in a confusing double negative way. And, assuming i get through the whole process of rejecting all the junk they are trying to make me take without realising, i then have the privilege of paying an astronomical fee (around 20 Euros per return flight i think) to actually give them money. Hidden costs left, right and centre and if you don't live by the letter of the law (Ryanair's conditions) then guess what, it's going to cost you, lots. Customer service sucks as well. The only positive thing i can say is that sometimes, and i really mean sometimes, flights can be reasonably cheap, but i would still rather pay a little extra, fly with someone else, and get where i'm going with a smile on my face.


Very Satisfied

Bought a Blu-Ray player. Customer support knowledgeable and very quick (e-mail responses within the hour). Delivery within 3 days of ordering. Prices very competitive. Very satisfied with the whole transaction and will use them again


Generally ok.

Use Easyjet website quite a bit and find it simple and clear (compared to some other budget airlines). The having to say no i don't want things is irritating (surely i should choose the things i do want) as is the hidden fees (why i should i pay to give them my money?), although these aren't as bad as other budget airlines. If you can fly non-budget for a similar price (check it out - you often can, with more flexability, and without the herded cattle feeling -i find KLM to be very competitive for the routes i use regularly) then do it but otherwise Easyjet is an acceptable experience.


Good website, but only if there are no problems.

Generally a good website and i love they fact they have almost everything i could ever want. The Marketplace facility is also a great thing. Generally delivery is very, very quick (i have received some things within 24 hours of ordering with normal delivery), but have had some problems trying to get things sorted when things have gone wrong.

My big problem at the moment is my Kindle which failed. It is a covered under warranty, but because i bought it at Atlanta airport while i was transiting, it has to be replaced in America. As i don't live there, or have family/friends who do, it has meant having the replacement sent to a friend of a friend who will then send it to me. Not exactly ideal, and i will still need to pay the costs to have it shipped from the US to Europe. I also have to pay those costs to have the old one sent back (although i'm assuming these will be reimbursed). This to me is a ridiculous system for an international company the size of Amazon. They could easily have sorted it out to be sent to Europe, or be sent from a European warehouse, or even taken up my offer of paying any difference in price between the European model and the US one. It's all a bit of a farce.


Very good website

I use for flights almost every week. The website is clear and user friendly and works well. Prices are always among the best to be found on the internet. Only three small modifications i would like to see:-

1) A feature to select date ranges to find cheapest flights (for a long weekend break i can often take the Thurs/Fri free or the Mon/Tues or the Fri/Mon so would like to see which is more economical without individually checking all options).

2) A feature to select specific dates but leave the destination blank, or at least cut the destination down to the individual regions/continents (often i know when i have holidays but have no idea where i would like to go and would like inspiration).

3) Some of the prices on the website do not correlate with the websites on which they are being sold. This appears to not to lie with, but with the other websites (because it seems to be the same few) but it is still frustrating.

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Solid service...for an airline.

Use KLM about once a month and find it to be generally a pleasant experience. The website works well, although prices can often be expensive compared to other websites. No hidden costs which is refreshing for airlines nowadays.

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