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Worst costumer service in existence!

I've been a 3 customer for almost four years. Or rather, my husband has as it was more convenient at the time to put the contract in his name even though I've been using it. Setting up the contract was easy. Upgrading to a more expensive contract was even easier. I didn't even need to speak to anyone, everything could be done online. I was happy with the contract while I just needed it for phoning, texting and occasionally using the internet. Even when I went abroad, the roaming was switched on and it was all good. Until the next time I went abroad. I was cut off from the rest of the world for two weeks as 3 had randomly decided to switch off roaming without telling me first. When I got home and managed to phone them they told me I should've phoned to switch on roaming before I left even though it worked last time I was abroad. I don't even know what their logic was...
Then the problems started. I wanted to switch the contract from my husband's name to mine as it was getting annoying that he had to phone them everything I wanted something. So we went into a 3 store. I'm not sure if the people in there are trained for anything else than selling because they just told us to phone customer service, who on this occasion told us that it wasn't possible to change the contract that easily. We gave up.
One time I had a problem with my bill, when I'd gone over my free minutes (something they'd previously notified me of by text but this time they neglected to tell me and so I accumulated a spend of over £50 instead of my usual £10.) After a lot of very frustrating phone calls they finally agreed to refund £30 because they'd stopped the notifications without actually telling me they would. I'm not sure they ever did refund me though.
Months past and after a lot of minor problems that all required lengthy and VERY frustrating calls to customer service, I finally decided to switch to another provider. So my husband phoned them from work (as he's still the person named on a contract). After half an hour (of his work time), they told him they'd phone him back. Instead they phoned my mobile and left a message saying I'd been authorised to make changes to the contract, could I please phone them back. So I did. It took five minutes just to get through the pre-recorded adverts and nonsense they'd like you to know about before they even let you talk to a person. (also, if they're closed, they still make you listen to all the nonsense before they tell you they're closed and when you should phone back). This guy then told me I wasn't authorised to do anything, could my husband phone back. Seriously?! So my husband took another half hour out of his work time only for them again to say they'd phone back. He made sure they had his work number this time but they still managed to phone my mobile, only this time I had magically been authorised to do anything I wanted with the contract. I told him to cancel it. He spent litereally 10 minutes arguing with me about how I should stay, they'd fix everything, they'd give me a better deal, they'd instantly change the name on the contract, they'd give me more free minutes etc etc. It took all the patience I've ever owned (and a bit more) not to swear and hang up on him. He was SO pushy and tried to put down the new provider I'd chosen. I even went as far as saying "I'm sure you can fix everything, but can you please just let me deal with any problems I'll get with my new provider and CANCEL MY CONTRACT!". Eventually it turned out I was more stubborn than him and his sales pitch (although he insisted he wasn't from the sales team and I was the only costumer who'd ever been offered this amazing deal) and he FINALLY agreed to give me my PAC code so I could end my contract and take my number with me. Most frustrating morning I've had since... well, since last time I tried to fix a problem I had with 3. He said he'd send me the PAC code within two hours. I do hope this is the one time they keep their promise because if I have to phone them again I'll probably just throw my phone out the window.

Also, if 3 reads this, please don't contact me with offers of better deals or apologies. I'm not interested and I don't want anything from you. I just want to warn people to stay away from you.

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Very good although a bit overpriced

I've used iwoot loads of times, especially when they just started out and had so many items that you just couldn't get anywhere else. Everytime I bought something (having two geeky brothers and a just as geeky dad, I used it quite a bit) I got a £5 voucher for the next time. I don't know if they do that anymore as I haven't used them for about a year but I thought that was a lovely thing to do. I still get emails with 20% voucher codes but I don't use them since you can now get most of their items elsewhere for less money which is a shame because I've never had a negative experience with them. Their items always arrived on time, their website is a joy to browse and use and I would still recommend them to a friend.


Mixed feelings

I've only used HVM online a few times. Once, my brother ordered about ten DVDs and had them delivered to my house. Except... they weren't delivered. Weeks went by and after contacting their costumer service, they finally said they'd send out a new batch. It arrived within two days. Another two days after, the first batch arrived but couldn't fit through the door (incompetent postman that time) so I went to the post office and told them to send it back to HMV as I didn't want to end up being blamed for having an order sent to my house when I'd already got it.
A few weeks ago I ordered tickets for a gig next November via HMV. I didn't get a chance to pick a delivery address different from my billing address or even get the option to pick up the tickets from the box office. Instead I got an email saying my tickets would be delivered four weeks before the show to my billing address. Since I'll have moved house by then, I asked if I could get them delivered to a friend's house instead or pick them up but I was told they could only be delivered to the billing address. However, they said I could email them a copy of something with my new address on it once I moved and get them delivered there, so I suppose that's sorted.
I don't really use them though as I can usually find DVDs cheaper and I've been weary of them since the delayed DVD incident.


Mostly great

I use Amazon a lot for buying all sorts of things. I usually receive my items before or by the estimated delivery date although there's been a few cases where it's been late. (like the Christmas present that was supposed to arrive two days ago but hasn't showed up yet).
However, with free delivery on a lot of things, it's a great place to shop and many of the things are much cheaper than other places. I especially love Amazon for books. Although I don't buy that many books these days, they've always got what I'm looking for and it's always cheaper than in the high street shops. Amazon is absolutely one of my favourite places to shop online.

Great most of the time!

I used to use a lot when I lived abroad as they have free delivery worldwide and were usually cheaper than other online shops when it came to DVDs and games. I've always received my items on time with a few exceptions and pre-ordered games usually arrived on the day of or the day after their release. When I'm going to order a DVD or game, is always one of the first places I check and I often end up ordering from them as they're cheaper than a lot of other places.


Only used once, but good service

After seeing all the bad reviews of DPD here I thought I'd add mine since I haven't had any bother with them. I've only used DPD once, years ago when I ordered something on eBay and the seller used them as their courier. I was told a day it would arrive but since I was out that day I was worried I'd miss it. However, in the late afternoon after I'd got home, a DPD truck pulled up to my house and delivered my package. This was a delivery from Germany to Denmark though so maybe they just have nicer delivery people there.


My favourite online shop

I've been using RedBubble since they first started and always loved it. It's got a fantastic range of t-shirts, framed prints, stickers etc. and although I've only used the t-shirts and greetings cards I can confidently say that if the quality in their other products is just as good, they'll be amazing as well.
Unlike some other sites that have artists uploading their work (such as Zazzle), this still feels friendly and personal and possibly because it's Australian and not American, it's got a completely different feel than some of the other sites that essentially do the same thing. Their t-shirts are amazing. I've only ever had trouble with them twice. The first was years and years ago when I'd ordered some tees for Christmas and they got delayed but even before I noticed they were delayed, I'd got a full refund for everything I paid even though they were still going to ship it all and I think it actually arrived just before Christmas after all. GREAT costumer service! The second time I had trouble was about a week ago when I received a t-shirt with a blurry print on it. They replied to my email straight away and have already sent out a new one, hopefully non-blurry, free of charge.
Apart from that, I've only ever had perfect t-shirts and perfect prints and although they're sometimes slightly more expensive than getting something in a shop, you know part of it is going to the artist who you can talk to and send messages on the site. This is absolutely the best place to get something awesome with amazing costumer service as well.

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What a joke

This is a ridiculous website. I was looking for a cheap SD card and found this website that had them so cheap it was hard to believe. Turns out it was because it shouldn't be believed. It said shipping was free and the items would be ordered via Amazon's check-out system so I figured if Amazon were involved, it was probably alright. However, when I went through to check out, shipping was about £9 with an estimated delivery date about a week later. I decided not to use it and ordered my SD card on Amazon instead.


Great but a bit expensive

I've used the online order service on the Dominos website a few times now. I make sure it's only when they've got some sort of offer on or I have a vouchercode because if you just buy a full price pizza, there's at least three locals nearby who would do it about half price.
I've usually had good service, the right pizzas were delivered with the right toppings just in time for my favourite tv show to come on and they've generally been delivered by nice people.
However, I once decided on a tired night in that I'd use Dominos online service instead of the local because I just didn't feel like phoning up and talking to them. Five minutes after I ordered, they phoned to ask what address to deliver to and quoted my previous address that I'd moved away from a year earlier even though I'd put in my new address. Then when the pizza arrived (slightly slower than usual), I rated my order on their system as I usually do and decided to give them less than top marks because of the rather annoying and pointless phone call which I even put in the comment. As a reaction to this, they decided to phone me up (in the middle of my pizza!) and ask why I didn't give them top marks. So much for not wanting to talk on the phone that night. This has only happened once though and they're usually very good when you can get a deal on their food.

Terrible first impression, redeemed themselves slightly on second chance

After much frustration I'm finally sitting here with the Angry Birds game I ordered as a present almost a month ago just in time for Christmas.
When I ordered the game at the end of November I pretty confident their 5 working days delivery would leave me with plenty of time to get it wrapped up and sorted out and when I didn't receive the email to confirm it had been despatched after two days as they said I would, I didn't think any of it. However, after two weeks of not hearing anything, I got a bit annoyed. There was no reply to my first email. Or my phone call to the office listed on the website.
After another week I complained on TrustPilot because I didn't want people to experience the same thing. However, after another email to NiceCans, they replied saying they were very sorry and that they'd been overwhelmed with how many orders they'd got and they were really sorry that they hadn't got in touch before. As I am a firm believer in second chances, I told them to either make sure my item arrived by the 22nd or give me a refund. They told me they'd post it to me the next day (as they'd run out of stock and were getting a new load delivered). I accepted that and received an update email saying my item had been dispatched the day after.
Today, the 22nd, my Angry Birds game arrived in the post. I doubt I'd recommend NiceCans to a friend or even use it again for something with a deadline, but I might try it at a less busy time (with something cheap) to see if they can offer better service when it's not Christmas.

14 December 2011

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Sorry for the delay this item was deklay. Sorry for not updating you sooner. We will be sending this tomorrow with Free express postage. If you wish to cancel instead can you please reply to my email. Sorry again for the delay.

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