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Good so long as you don't have a problem with anything !!

If you are looking for some bargains it's great - if you have any problems with anything (buying or selling) - it's not.

Don't waste time e-mailing or calling them (if you are one of the privilidged few with their number) as you get no help in resolving issues. E-mails they just ignore or send an automatic response which has very little information to do with your actual query.


Hard Work

Shut my account down with them as they never had the items in stock that you wanted (even though it allowed you to order them online) and sent some ridiculous substitutions.

Sizing is not brilliant either - you either have to go up a size or down a size to get the actual size you want compared to nearly all other clothes retaillers.

Returns are hard work and they seem to take a very long time to process the money back to you.

Lastly they send you catalogues despite requesting them not too then they charge you for them as well.

Good value with seeminly good service

I use them frequently and have not really had any problems - one item didn't arrive once but they replaced immediately so all was good.

Service is quick and ordering is easy and most of the time they are same price if not slightly cheaper.


Atrocious company - bad service

I have been with them for over 10 years to find out the reason for the phone line I have been paying for in all that time was never cabled properly which explains, on the occaisions it was working, the crackling, poor sound quality (after buying countless new phones as they were insistent this was the reason).

When you eventually get through to customer services they fob you off or if you are extremely lucky they book an engineer who does not turn up.

You get charged for services they are not supplying as well.



Good value but very slow service,

Great value for money on most items but service is always very slow (Woking and Kingston) and there seems to be very little interest in working there from staff.

Also mis-pricing is a big issue - recommend checking your receipt to the tags as I've been caught out more than once and been overcharged.

National Tyres and Autocare

All good - price great (after searching) !

Ordered and fitted same day (had to call to see if they had them in stock as default date is always 2 days later for fitting but as they had them there they said just pop down today) so worth the call.

I only wanted a "budget" tyre, but if you search by registration it only comes up with tyres double the price of the budget ones so definitely worth choosing by size as this brings up all the prices.

Service was great.

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