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City Link

didnt pick my item up 2 times.

paid for item to be picked up on 8th didnt turn up never heard nowt i had to get the 3rd party company to sort it out then suppose to collect on the 10th and never showed up yet again so to sort it out and went to tnt were they done the job right the first time.


delays after delays

first time i flew and i was by my self i was flying from teeside on an london business trip... i got to teesside airport and it was delayed 3 hours then on the way home it was delayed for a couple of hours.

they give me an £3 meal voucher to say sorry but meals cost more like £10 so really it was just so u spend the extra £7.00 so not happy at all really.


Bad for sellers good for buyers

ebay are all for the buyers not the sellers i have sold stuff plenty of times on ebay and have had plenty of problems with buyers who con you just to try get money and discount ebay are not bothered and refund them the money even if it not the seller fault i think i might go use another online auction website as im not happy with ebay.


Best Customer Service.

Well i use all the time not had a problem, but recently i did city link didnt turn up not 1's but 2 times so i contacted kate on on facebook she got me TNT who picked up the item the same day and delivered it the next day she also refunded my Postage amount i paid but thats not why im giving it 5 stars the reason why is she was understanding, she was polite and she new what i ment and was there stright away and helped me. kate then rang me and talked to me on the phone and even made me laugh and overall its because off her while i am going to keep using its people like her who keep us (customers) coming back so i think if you have a problem goto facebook type in because kate is the best and sure does make you want to use them again ok thank you.

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