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Too bad far from clear and honest

Consumer Panel (GfK NOP, UK) & GfK Mediaview
Not a good survey company. It patronises its members and just takes advantage of respondents’ time.
It may be an acceptable company if you get to it through other companies or survey routers but not for being their members. It does not pay just prize draws so you end up having completed too many surveys for free!

Also too bad, their yearly profile questionnaire requires you to give them the mobile number of people in your household!!! I will not!! They told me and I quote:

“If you do not wish to share this information with us, you can go back to the previous question and change your answer to 'None' meaning that you will then be able to continue to complete your questionnaire.”
And they patronise you by saying and I quote “If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us.”

Part of GFK I discovered is also http://uk.surveys.com/ a bit of a scam. After one year of emailing they never really replied and helped me to login let alone to check the surveys I completed. In my last email about the mobile number (and I quoted their reply above) I again pointed out their uk.surveys.com/ but they once again ignored it.

There not seems to be your profile in their Gfk typewriter kind of website and if you redeem a voucher you always have to write all of your details from scratch.

One can only think GFK on the overall is an unfair pretty dishonest company with their too long screening questions and their patronising ways to treat members and avoid reward panellists for their time.

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Use little gas pay it more expensive

This is already a few years old situation but I am still so much annoyed!!
Asked to pay the £60 or so we owed the following month they said no, no help, they did give us wrong account info so calculation were a bit of a mess for us that's why the debt. To cut the story short we then formally complained and then had a manager-call and £10 goodwill gesture because of their wrong info, too little too late since we did discover that if we barely used the gas we were charges too much (may sound convenient if you use a lot but we weren't!). Too bad!
We then paid balance and swathed to a different provider but British Gas continued to call us for several days with those so-hated recorded messages reminding us to pay what we had already paid!
No way that if you use little gas for whatever reason you are overcharged!!!



I was a member when Toluna changed Terms and points started to expire! This is dishonest and unfair. Points that expire may not allow you to aim to good rewards if you often don't qualify for surveys and the company knows this, I guess it is the purpose for expiring points.
So despite trying all the surveys and seldom qualifying or if I did points awarded were low, I found myself with not enough points to get a good reward but points were going to expire so I wasted them in prize draws I was not interested to enter. Conclusion I got nothing but Toluna had a lot of my free time! Can't help thinking Toluna UNFAIR and FAR FROM HONEST.


Unacceptable customer service attitude

I ditched Ciao surveys when this happened: A few surveys I took were 'lost', Ciao did not award them and c-s said no-records found.
Ok so I started to write/take down not only the survey no. date reward but also surveys' address from the address bar, what the survey was about, screenprint of several pages... Then it happened again, a further ciao-survey I completed was lost but this time c-s could not deny I took it since I was able to provide several info about the survey that were available only if you took it (as described).

So c-s said that this time they were awarding it but not anymore in the future if s.thing similar happened. I found this attitude unacceptable and close to dishonest because I take a survey as I know what I will expect from it, either a payment-reward/points or prize draw. I can only trust prize-draws BUT if I know I will be rewarded £xx for completing a survey I EXECT THIS to be awarded!!

I now think Ciao c-s attitude TOO BAD! And I Don't Like to be taken for a ride!


Mutualpoints takes advantage of your time & refuses to reward points

After 10 years and a loss of thousands of points I unsubscribed with the subject line:
"You've become dishonest as ever in avoiding awarding points."

I clean cookies, log in my account before taking up offers, take offers in "one fluid motion" as they suggest etc but nothing, many points-offers got mysteriously lost!! EVEN IF the 5p reward email get rewarded so it means cookies work well, just their tracking sys is not working, they "can't see my clicks in their sys" or more probably THEY DON'T WANT to award you the extra points!

Customer service in very dismissing and I really got fed up, I formally complained but I was ignored.
Note it is part of a large group tmnmedia.com, who by the way don't care as well since they did not even reply to my further complaint.

If you do register and you experience your first loss of points perhaps just continue to take-click the 5-points reward mail, with 3000points you get £20 in about 2 years. I can't stand even to do this with them now!


Thank you for this site

Thank you for this site
It is great to have a place where to write down your views as a customer and consumer.
It is easy to use and well designed. Thank you.


Invaluable source of information

It is for me a invaluable source of information of any type or kind and it's free. It may not be complete or perfect but it is a good starting point. I have been using this site for many years and I always remember to check there. Their various newsletters are also very interesting. Thank you About!.


Play (free) & you may win

Many years I play by automatically clicking their email-ad. never won anything but this is Lotto so... it is question of luck.

Unfortunately they don't reward you with points or similar and are a little too repetitive in their advertising.

But if you never play surely you'll never win and it's free.

Fair Exchange

Awful Appalling Dreadful c-s

Awful Appalling Dreadful customer service with no ‘customer’ or ‘service’ at all. Not even in formal writing (Royal Mail) their c-s had the courtesy and professionalism to reply to my concerns. I have been their member in the past for too long!!
Unfortunately, they bought The Daily Draw, a daily kind of lottery, no fun anymore since it is now run by Fair-ex. which doesn’t have anything ‘fair’ at all. Too bad!!!


Awful Appalling Dreadful c-s

Awful Appalling Dreadful customer service!!! I have been their member in the past for too long!!
I am glad I can warn somebody.


Line, Broadband & Equipment

Pros: Line and broadband reliable enough compared to horrible stories I heard with other providers.
We discovered, anyway, that if the broadband has problems and only one house is affected eg. our, they will do nothing if it is a major work, they wait for others to have problems as well, so they told us while repairing a cable on our street. Fortunately they also solved the problem at the exchange.

Cons: C-s invent things like that I asked for a service and I didn't even live at this address yet. They make changes on the bill (eg.not displaying calls) that we did not ask. Ok mistakes happen.

However, a couple of years into broadband BT router broke so they nicely changed it.
Nevertheless, along the years we bought a BT answering machine and a BT phone and both broke just after one year both (just outside warranty), believe me we are careful with no kids or pets so it is unclear why they broke. Further, the broadband internal cards never work properly.

BT items and equipment seem of a very poor low quality. I emailed c-s who, of course, never replied. Here you see the 'couldn't care less' BT attitude.

Line rental and broadband are also exceptionally expensive!!!


If you like INFO about FILMS

This is a wonderful database of films and not only in English language.
I often pop in there for films info which is nicely displayed with all the details you need to know or almost.
If I had spare money I would pay for their membership so to contribute to their site.


Trustworthy & Committed

Martin Lewis has often been speaking in consumer programmes explaining and giving advice and warnings about money, cards, consumer rights.
The website is full of useful and helpful info and tips with a forum that can be very interesting so to see on these subjects what experiences others had.
His newsletter is also an extra bonus. Thank you Martin.

National Lottery

high & low game

When I tried for fun the game High and Low I always won. As soon I paid for it I lost every times. I trust the national lottery game (Wed Sat) but not sure about other games from them.


c-s cannot be found & OfferMatch partner ignore email

Click c-s link contact us does not open a page so impossible to contact them (other pages seem having same problem). Their partner OfferMatch does not reply to my missing points email.
Not good enough


Slow & miss points, tel.no expensive

I spent £1.38 for 25 min on the phone with c-s for problems which resulted be caused by their website (finally tech c-s said it in email). C-s on the phone was a complete a waste of time and money.

To have points rewarded it takes up to 60 days ie. Norton, and it depends from Nectar not the merchant so you woder why so long. Also you can start from Nectar website, cookies enabled, have screenprint but c-s is not interested (even if tech says They had a problem). You email with a specific problem and all the necessary info but the standard reply is completely disinterested in what you explain.
When finally they award you points c-s is not even good to let you know.

It is not specific enough so if you do many transaction you don't exactly know where they are in your statement.

Not good enough I feel.


customer service leave to desire

7 days to work out item description mistake, and one book became out of stock! All customer service rapresentative rarely got into the depth of the problem, c-s who was due to contact me with more info did not and had to write again. I was given wrong-partial info. Call back I received c-s hanged the phone leaving me on line like an idiot. C-s seems helpful sometimes or is nice but perhaps c-s is too busy but then Amazon should get more people or each c-s should follow specific cases rather than reply to whatever comes at hand.


Fast del. Quality item

Just I was happy with this purchase, thanks A+

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