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Great service but stock control could be better

I have bought a few things from dv247.All items i have received have been as i would expect.The prices are very good too. The only fault i could possibly say they have is stock control and delivery times. Sometimes i have bought things that arrive in less than 24 hours which is perfect but there have been times when my money has been taken when they do not have the item in stock which i feel would frustrate many people. Other than that i would recommend them. If they did sort the stock control and payment issues then they would possibly be one of the best suppliers around

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Great service.Would recommend.

I bought a guitar for a friend a few months ago.Was delivered quickly.Very well packaged.Fantastic price i must say.Was best i could find around. The setup of the guitar was not the best but you have to give a little consideration for courier delivered items as things will shift whilst in transit.After a setup by a great technician the guitar played beautifully. All round great service from craigsmusic to be honest.Wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again


Can't fault service really

I have bought numerous items from argos.Most have never had problems but the odd one now and again. The customer service can be difficult at times but i find being polite to the staff usually gets you somewhere. I take into consideration they are busy and stressed so i find a friendly face usually goes a long way to resolving any problems. Once you explain any issues they are usually helpful.Just check the policy of certain items for example cameras which can't be returned after a certain period. In general Argos is reliable.It's not perfect by any means but you could do a lot worse

Richer Sounds

Excellent service.Highly recommend.

To get straight to the point.Great prices, good customer service.Friendly staff. Basically an all round great service.

Mazuma Mobile

very reliable company

I thought mazuma might be too good to be true going by the adverts but when i had a look on their website i was pleasantly surprised. Was a fast efficient service. It does what it says on the ad really.Cant fault it


Excellent service.Highly recommend.

I bought a Gliga violin from elida trading some time ago and have to say the service was excellent indeed.The violin was amazing quality for the price.I have friends who have tried the violin and they have said they would happily pay 3 times the cost for a violin of that quality so i think comments like that speak volumes for the Gliga violins.


one of the best

I have bought numerous items from amazon and would safely say for price, delivery times, customer service they are debateably one of, if not the best i have bought from


Not the best but certainly not the worst

I have bought many items from pc world.Generally i have had not many problems but when they do arise it can be a bit like pulling teeth when getting things sorted if you call or email. I have found that if you buy in store problems are sorted much more easily. One word of warning though if you do buy a pc or laptop from them if they talk you into buying software or extras with the package then do not under any circumstances use the extras until you know the pc or laptop/whatever it might be works as it should. If you do use the extras they will generally not refund but you can still get replacement if the fault is detected as soon as you use it.


Quite simply an excellent service

Highly recommend this seller. Everything is at a good price and delivery is 9 times out of 10 super fast.Cant recommend the company highly enough.


Without a shadow of a doubt the worst service we have ever received.

Genuinely the worst seller we have ever encountered.Sells faulty items then has the audacity to tell us we cant work the items despite us following the instructions sent and our own knowledge as tattooists.They supplied 2 thermal copier that produced no heat whatsoever and could not produce a usable outline. None of the items we received were CE approved either.Boxes were dirty, damaged and showed the wrong item on the box.Box said eclipse copier which it was not. The items themselves were scratched and clearly used.All items were cheap poor quality chinese imports with non uk plugs fitted.I am in no way suggesting all chinese products are bad but the ones we received were very poor and did not work. Seller is abusive in emails. I could write a long list but i think you get the idea.Seriously we suggest taking your hard earned money elsewhere as mania tattoo supplies showed no consideration to us as paying customers. We are at a personal loss of over £40 in postage costs to return faulty items to them. We have photographic and video proof of the used faulty items we received.


Quite simply excellent

Have bought a few items from fragrancedirect for my partner.Reliable service and great prices too.Will no doubt buy from again once my fiancees perfume runs out or i fancy something new myself


Very good all round service

Misco appear to be a very reliable company indeed.Have bought a few items from them in the past.All of which were good value and promptly delivered.Can't fault the service at all really.Highly recommend them


Top class service.

Bought a guitar case from them a couple of months ago. Great quality case at a fantastic price.Have recommended gear4music to many friends so far.Would without a doubt buy from again.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Great seller.Good prices.Recommended

It's a rare thing that people would leave positive comments regarding a company as generally as consumers we only find these things when we have a problem but I feel compelled to leave a comment for the service I have received from Simply Electronics considering their rating on some sites.

I have to admit that after seeing the ratings and comments about Simply electronics that I like many people were unsure about whom I was dealing with. It's only natural people would be concerned when you see such things.

Having said that my experience is as follows. I ordered a lens from them only 2 days ago late on in the day. After buying I noticed the delivery time stated on the site. After seeing the delivery times I very worried as in 9 working days I knew I would be on holiday. The holiday in which I needed the lens for. I contacted customer support via the link that same night. Now my only slight problem is I got a blank page when the message had sent so was unsure if it had gone through or not.

After that I decided to see if I could find another email address for the company so I did an online search. After a while of searching and seeing a few negative comments on the company I was starting to feel slightly worried. Then I found the email address for Vanessa at simply electronics. I sent pretty much the same message to her that I sent to the customer service email explaining my situation in that I would not be there to receive if the delivery was to take up to 10 days. After a couple of emails my fears were put at rest and to cut this to the chase I have today received my lens wrapped well, sealed, working perfect so in all I can safely say I have no problems whatsoever.

I can appreciate that others may have different experiences to me and have issues but to be honest I find that if you are polite and explain your situation then people are only too happy to help which was the case with me.

I was genuinely worried at some of the comments I seen online but in all fairness id go as far as saying this was possibly the easiest transaction I have ever had online.

Now I must point out something as it seems on other sites that positive comments from new users get accusations of them being company employees. I can assure anyone that I have nothing whatsoever to do with simply electronics.

I like to shop around for the best prices I can get which was what I found at Simply Electronics.
So if what you are looking for is good prices, safe secure delivery, items well wrapped and good customer service (my personal experience based on correspondence with Vanessa) then I highly recommend Simply Electronics.

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