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Just terrible!!!


In all honesty, I am dissapointed with the product I purchased from you (Smart Latino calling card for 100kr). The reasons are:

I do not have a fastline at my place, so I have to call from my cellphone which runs on callingcards as well, so everytime I need to call to Panama, I must have credit on my cellphone, and even though there is talking time on the smart latino, which means that the phonenumber you have to dial for accessing the service is not free, as a result I cannot keep on talking because the cellphone credit ran out... so it is like double paying for calling home - so in my case buying this card is not smart at all.

The quality of the phone call itself it is not good; in fact it is annoying because we have difficulties hearing each other and to make matters worst there is like a delay on the conversation, so you cannot really follow the conversation "on real time".

All and all, I must tell you I will not buy this product ever again and I will not recommend it to anyone. It is a shame, because I think the idea is very good, but it has been a very awful experience and somehow a waste of money for me.

My recommendation to you, work harder for improving this product.

Have a nice day

24 August 2012

Reply from TeleNordic Communication

HI Jill,

Thank you for making this complain.

First of all, I will say that, it's a shame you haven't giving us the opportunity to fix the problem. It can occour in our system or in the Panama operators system. This is what the supportteam help with :o)

1) I can't find anything regarding contact to our Support team from you. If you had contacted them, then they would start a case and fixed the problem. Please send your Pincode to kundeservice@telenordic.dk and we'll look at it.

2) Regarding calling from a cellphione to a free access number. You won't find that service at any telephone company!! The reason is, the cost per minute for us buing the service is SO HIGH that noone will use it, and its much cheaper to pay your local minute price. Double paying - YES - Thats allso the best minutprice, so it doesn't matter.

We work had everyday, and help our tenthounds of customers if they have some problems and would very much help you to.

Hope this information gives the feeling, that you're not stock and we are waiting you're mail or phonecall.

Kind regards
Support team
TeleNordic Communication


Super service og gode priser!

Kondomland er den bedste online sex shop fordi deres service og levering er meget diskret og hurtig. De har fantastiske tilbud og masser af forskellige produkter. Selvfølgelig vil jeg købe her igen :-)

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