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Spares Division - Poor after-care

I have had Hotpoint appliances for many years and on the whole they've been very reliable (8 years service up to this failure).

In October 2012 my fridge packed up, bit of Googling and it seemed like the Thermostat was at fault. Ordered a new one from Indesit spares. Excellent.

April 2013 - Problem, thermostat gone again. Called Indesit parts who told me 7 days is your lot, no guarantee or warranty on the part they sold me. Surprising!

Needless to say I wont be buying the replacement spare from them. A good reputation tarnished by poor after-care :(

Victorian Plumbing

Easy to use website, fast delivery

Very happy with Victorian Plumbing. You guys have a good website and you back it up with reliable next day delivery. Will definately use again and recommend to others.


How Customer Service should be!

From my initial enquiry through to delivery Well Working exceeded my expectations. In this day and age it's a rare find to have a company that works cohesively throughout.

Every member of staff that I dealt with was friendly and willing to assist. A name drop for Paul Simons who was very patient whilst I chopped and changed my mind about which chair to go for, so thanks for that!

I wish you every continued success in the future and I will recommend your company where the opportunity arises.


Great products, bad customer service.

Love Adobe products but their website support is appalling.

I had to reset my password today and even though the site confirmed it had been changed I could not login. So I thought I know I'll reply to the reminder email... nope auto responder saying "you won't get a reply here", OK I'll call someone.... "You are in a queue, we'll get to you in 20 minutes", really? How about I look for a direct email address.... Nope no where to be found. What a frustrating experience!

It's a huge shame when a company like this produces high quality products but doesn't invest in high quality customer service.


Great technology, poor customer service

Historically we've used www.rackspace.co.uk for our dedicated servers due to their exceptional support. We thought we'd try OVH to cater for our more cost conscious clients.

Technically OVH are very good, fast kit, fast connections (even though the DC is in France). Where they fail is on their human interactions. Don't expect "fanatical support" it's just not there! The web interface is very clunky and the order processing is less than seamless, leaving the user annoyed (at best).

Please, please try harder guys, your infrastructure could make you a key player for UK resellers.

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Consistently good service!

I have been a customer of Lindy for years! When I received an email asking to rate my experience here I was only too happy to.

Excellent service, excellent products, fast reliable delivery.

If I had to be critical I would say that your website does need updating, its not as fluid as it could be. A more intuitive & fresh interface is needed.

10 January 2012

Reply from LINDY Electronics

Hi Jus

Thanks for the feedback and your continued custom.

Regarding the website, I take your point. We're actually in the process of a complete redesign. It's a much more contemporary, fresher look we've gone for. Should go live April(ish) so watch this space!

All the best

LINDY Michael


Still rubbish

I have used PayPal for years. It's almost a necessary evil on the web. I have waited and waited for their customer service to improve but it never has.

The impression I get from this firm is one of "we're too big to even care". Contacting them is brain surgery itself and once you've got their national rate number (great if you use a landline) you can pay for the privilege of speaking to them on your mobile (not included in your talk time).

Why, why, why can't you be more customer focused and provide a proper service..... oh I know why, because that would affect the bottom line.

It's a shame there's not a "dollar" measure for customer satisfaction because I'm sure PayPal are losing hundreds of thousands from this.


Amazon Advocate!

I have to admit I am an Amazon Advocate. I cannot fault the way these guys operate. I can be sure that when I order something it will arrive on or before they estimate. If I have a problem with a product a quick email gets me a return auth with no fuss!

In the 12 years that I have been a customer I have had only 1 time where I needed to complain and that complaint was dealt with, with professionalism & courtesy!

There may be occasions that some eTailers are cheaper but for me Amazon gets my biz every time! I know what I’m getting and I know if I change my mind I wont have to jump through hoops to get my money back.

Credit where credit is due: An excellent company, thoroughly recommended.


The best grocery web experience by far!

Ocado know how to build a GUI! Intuitive, good looking, fully functional. Your website is a joy to use and a great credit to your dev team!

Having been a customer for over 2 years my only critism is that your deliveries have been slowly but surely becoming more and more unreliable! It was very rare for a delivery to be late, more often I received a call to ask if it was ok to delivery early. Over the last 6 months its been the opposite! Out of the the last 4 weeks 3 deliveries have been late!

Have you just become too popular? If so, capacity, capacity, capacity! :-) Please!!!!


Good business support, poor web management!

I have been a customer of Orange for many years. Their call centres are fantastic, the business support team can't do enough to help! I have been on all the major networks and Orange excel in after sales service.... that is except on the web!

Orange, please ask who ever manages your call centres to spank the management team of web support. The interface is poor, unreliable and frustrating to use! So much so I have gone back to paper billing as I cant rely on downloading from your "portal"


Saturday Delivery

A while ago I ordered a USB HDD for saturday delivery (Pre 12 noon). Unfortunately the deliver was late and I had to cancel my afternoon plans.

Here's the problem, I emailed eBuyer to ask for a refund of the Saturday premium (£5) and they emailed back saying that the Royal Mail had recorded a 1145am delivery. I pointed out to eBuyer that I had called Royal Mail at 1230pm to ask where the delivery was (itemised bill to show this). Basically eBuyer told me to bugger off in a polite way and implied I was lying!

I used to spend a fair but of cash with eBuyer but no more, for the sake of a £5 refund eBuyer has lost over £2000 worth of my business to Amazon (who know about good customer service!)

Well done, keep it up :-)

19 December 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Please accept our apologies for your late delivery, this will be taken up with the couriers.

I would also like to apologise for the service you received from Ebuyer, I can assure you this is not the usual level of standard we work at.

I am sorry to hear this has caused Ebuyer to lose your business.

If you do require any future assistance our Customer Support Team are available Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 6:00pm.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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