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Was a Customer for Years - Declined into Unacceptable Services

I have recommend and used HostGator for years. Though since they have been taken over, sites hosted by them have become very slow and there are some strange server-side bugs. Sites would occasionally become unusable slow and are in general a few times slower than other hosts. Also the support, which was great is now very poor and takes much longer to get hold of them.

To give a full review of negative occurrences since they were taken over:

1 - Moved to a different server with no notice and no details of new login information
2 - A server error that led to a 500 response to requests for robots.txt, which caused Google to de-index all the sites on the server
3 - Since the move sites are very slow, sometimes un-useably slow. Load times are about 5 times slower than my new host, at best, and the server will not stream at more than 50Kbps.
4 - Posting of large files stalls on the first attempt. Only works on posting again
5 - E-mails wont send first time. An error message is given and it can take multiple retries to send an email
6 - Support is now much more responsive and take longer to wait for in the queue



Very impressed with this company. I ordered a giant batch of glass jars, which were cheaper than everywhere else with free postage. Everything else I bought from them was the cheapest price.



I was with Softlayer for about 2 years. Only left due to a web-hiatus.

Prices were really good. Support was excellent. All of the people I spoke to were knowledgeable. No problems with the hardware.


Used Them For Years

I've used this gaudy company for several years for generic domains. There prices are unbeatable, esp. since I have been using the same discount code for several years. They also offer good deals on bulk orders. The control panel does everything you want, though it is very cumbersome and not user-friendly. Their site in general is not user-friendly. When ordering something you are barraged with adverts. If it was not for those aspects I'd give them 5 stars. I've also found the support to be good.


Manged Support is Not Managed

I'll start with the good - this company has a very good and clean control panel. That's where I'd end it.

Operating under a .co.uk, this German company gave us a managed server in Germany - really would except one in the UK. And as managed implies, they are meant to come in and fix things if they go wrong. But naturally they didn't. If I remember correctly, we had 72 websites on the server (mostly web development clients.) So when our server went down and we requested assistance, their abysmal Philippines-based phone support informed us it would take 24 hours to fix. And indeed it did. So for a whole day all our clients sites were down, which got us a lot of grief. This happened 3 times, before we took the long task of migrating.

As is the case with Asian support centres, they really struggled to do anything.

Domains are also over-priced.


Good Price, Poor Instructions

I bought a 12x20ft PT from Premier in Sept. Cost was about £580, with free postage. This was considerably cheaper than the competitors, I think around £150. It arrived in about 1 week.

All the parts of the PT look to be good. quality.

The only thing that let it down was the instructions were not specific to my PT and size. They were also hard to follow, and in one place were incorrect. If a friend who has built two before didn't help I wouldn't have been able to get it up. They do offer a free support line, but I didn't use it. This is an area this company really needs to improve on. Otherwise I would have given them 5 stars.


Too Expensive

This site provides a good market, but the fees to sell are too much. When you add Paypal etc. into the equation you will be paying near 10% to them. If your selling an established site, is this service really worth 10% of the time you put into building it?

Real Foods

Never Again

This company has an excellent range. There the good ends. The prices aren't particularly competitive. Of the products I bought, I don't think this company have the best price on anything.

I've made a couple of orders with this company and each one took several days to pick, and each time they didn't have something in stock. Expect delivery at least one week after order. One of my orders took over 3 weeks to be dispatched and went missing in the post. I made the mistake of placing another order. This took several days to dispatch and also did not arrive. RealFoods were not prepared to help me claim compensation from the currier.

Also, I contacted support before my first order. It took about 3 months to get a reply, which did not answer my question.

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21 March 2014

Reply from Real Foods Ltd.

Dear Mr Gentloom,

I am very sorry that the service you've received on these previous orders was not up to scratch. We now have in place a dedicated customer service department who will take better care of your orders.

Where all items are in stock you can expect an order to be dispatched within 2 – 4 working days. During this time you can add to an order or amend it by emailing or calling us directly. If an item is not in stock we can bring it in for you and keep you updated while doing so.

I would be pleased to personally manage your next order. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding your order or delivery please contact me via email at webshop@realfoods.co.uk.

There have been many positive changes since we heard from you and my hope is that we will see you back again soon.

Thank you for your feedback.

Kind regards,



ORGANIC: 3 Times Cheaper Than Scumbsbury's BASIC

I calculated that my organic of purely organic herbs and spices cost three times left from this company than they would have buying Salisbury's Basic.

The range of organic products is quite small, and I hope will expand in the future.

The order was sent next-day, for free, but was not dispatched immediately.

This company has a lot of promise. Will be using again.


Good Food, High Prices

Good food, but some of it is priced way to high in my opinion. 100g of goat's cheese is nearly £3.

However, the food is good and if your just buying a few items as I do its worth paying a bit extra for the free delivery.

An exciting company. I hope they can improve their range and get the prices down a bit.



Only source of a rare plant. Well-packaged & fast delivery. No problems.



Great prices, quick and free delivery.

Only could be improved by a greater range. Will buy from again.


Does the Job

This is quick and does the job. It is nice to be able to do this by card and not a wire. However, I consider the fees to be a little steep, though I guess the overheads are quite high.

Big plus for people getting paid by them is its cash in hand, so for them worth the fees.


Probably The Best Option


Had holding funds automatically taken out of my account with a fee.
Interface is not particularly intuitive
Telephone support seemed more interested in hanging up the phone


Good adoption
Low fees


Hoping They Can Improve

I've been a subscriber for 3 years, and I've found more on their site than others (owing to them being the site that has the most for my area). I generally find it easier to find people in the census on FMP than Ancestry, and their census search is more comprehensive, allowing searches by residence also.

Support is not particularly good, worse than Ancestry.

The site is also a bit clunky, the programmers are clearly not suitable to be running a site with such large databases. Many searches will time out. The search facility is also very primitive. You cannot search for births or marriages including the names of spouses or parents, which in my case (Welsh ancestry) can cause you to search through 100s of Joneses and Robertses.

One of the best things about this company is that they have given Ancestry a run for their money, adding competition to the market, and we consumers are benefiting from this.

I would have given them four stars, but due to their botched execution of the Welsh parish registers project I gave them three. There are a number of unexplained gaps in this collection when I known there are none in the source material; some records appear in the wrong county and were listed under the wrong parish; further they have advertised they have certain records, which they do, but they have not been transcribed and the quality of the images it terrible - for pre-1812 images you can barely read the text.


Long-time User

I have been using Ancestry on and off for a few years. My earlier experiences with them were not so good, and possibly due to lack of competition they did not seem to be bothered about expanding the UK collection much.

However, in the last few years, with the rise of FindMyPast, Ancestry UK have added a lot of new records. As a programmer, I can confidently say that this is the only genealogy site that is built by people who have the skills to provide seamless access to databases with billions of records. You can search the whole site more or less instantaneously. Whereas competitors struggle to search small databases and may time out. The site is also uncluttered and easy to use. However, the search of all records isn't that effective, priority is given to certain records, which are likely irrelevant, while what you are looking for may be obscured.

Support is not very good. I am also an affiliate and their affiliate manager has never responded to my emails.



Cheap item, free & fast delivery and quick support. Would buy from again


Trading for a Few Months

I've been using BTC-e for a few months now. At first I was a bit dubious, but once you get use to the possibly cumbersome depositing process it is plain sailing.

Unlike other exchanges, the fees are not prohibitive, though I would like to see the deposit fee reduced considerably.


First Purchase

First time I have used this company and all went well. Product was well priced, delivery was acceptable and the plant arrived in good condition.

Only issue was the delivery was late, which the vendor informed me by emails was due to the failing of the courier.



The cheapest prices in the industry & fast delivery.


Good range & Cheap

Never had any problems with this company; used them several times. Great range and cheap prices.


The Best

Excellent range, the cheapest prices, generous reward scheme, next day delivery, free delivery for relatively small orders.


Worst Courier

Like most people, I have ordered a lot of products online and I've only ever had problems with ParcelFarce. Two parcels have gone missing at the same depot - assuming incompetence, theft or dmage and destruction; and one late parcel. Secondly their compensation process is designed to make you give up when they clearly owe you by their own terms.

I will not buy from any companies that use this courier.

I would recommend avoiding them like the plague.


Slow, but the Best Price by Miles

I placed an order on the 4th of March 2013 for a system worth about £1,200. I was very apprehensive about the order due to the numerous nightmare cases about this company on the internet. However, I decided to go with them due to their very good prices - probably £600 cheaper than any competitors. They also have a good, but not industry-leading custom build engine.

Although the company gives no guarantees on delivery, it was schedualed to arrive on about the 19th of March. So I was pleased to get an email the day before informing me the system was in quality control and would likely be dispatched within 24 hours. However, I didn't hear anything back until the 22nd of March when the system was again entered for quality control and should be dispatched... However, I didn't hear anything back until the 26th of March when the system was again entered for quality control and should be dispatched within 24 hours. This time is was dispatched and arrived on the 28th of March.

The packaging was very good. I've now been using the system for 3 months and had no problems. Has played Crysis 3 fine - no crashes etc; Photoshop works quickly and I can import MySQL databases many times fast than on my old computer.

I would have given them five stars if the ordering process was better. I would have liked to know what went wrong for it to end up going to quality control 3 times, but I guess there were some faults and it is good that these were fixed.

When you are ordering from this company you are getting high-end spec for the lowest prices. And for this, there is a large comprimise in turnaround and customer support.

Also, I spoke to a sales guy on live chat. I'm not a hardware expert, but I knew more than this guy. He gave me flat-wrong info. So do you own research before buying.


Was a Customer for Years

I have been a customer (still am) of Reg-123 for over 10 years. Their admin has always been VERY clunky and not particularly intuitive, as is usually the case transferring out is not made easy. However, I stuck with them because of the cheap pricing.

However, the last three domains I bought with them all failed to be purchased. i.e. I paid for the domain, but they did not register it and if I had not contacted support that would have been the end of the story. Finally, I was trying to transfer a domain I sold, but it wouldn't work. So, at some point I will be migrating from this dinosaur.

Support is slow, but does work. You can forget about phone support, tickets only.

26 June 2013

Reply from 123 Reg

Hello David,

I am really sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with your domain name registrations and would like to take this opportunity to look into these further for you so I can find the cause and find ways we can prevent this happening again. If you would like me to look into this, or any other outstanding issues, for you please send details over to customerexperience@123-reg.co.uk.

We are constantly looking to make improvements and we are actively working on changing the admin console to provide the best usability and experience for our customers. If you would like to provide any specific feedback about the control panel please do send this over also. I would also like to confirm that we do have phone support available and details of this can be found on the contact us page of the 123-reg website.




Great Value & Speedy Delivery

I have recently ordered items from a number of garden centres via the internet. A lot of these charge a flat rate of c. £4 just to post a pack of seeds worth a pound or two. So I was happy to see my order of a pack of seeds from Gardens4Less had free postage. Not only that, the price was cheaper than anywhere else I could find the item for sale.

Some of my orders from garden centres took nearly two weeks to arrive. My order from Gardens4Less was the first to arrive out of about 8 other centres I ordered from.

My only suggestion of an improvement would be to post items in degradable packaging rather than plastic.

Will shop with again.

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