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Excellent service, tasty products!

The Ilumi packets serve one person - but you can add additional veg or beans etc to serve two - we do that often! The fact that they are Gluten Free makes life easy - especially when away from home. Highly recommended,


Quality vitamins and beauty products - well pleased!

I have purchased HealthSpan vitamins for many years. I enjoy reading the magazine and learning what works together for various problems.
I decided to give their Nurture products a try whilst prices were reduced - the only other product I have been as happy with is the Boots Protect and Perfect range!
I was wary about changing. However...after a couple of weeks of collagen pump and Day care SPF15 I am delighted! No rashes or skin eruptions....soft skin...very happy!
Well packaged, quality products delivered within a week - excellent!

Good products, first class delivery - excellent!

I have been buying Cimicat kitten milk powder from this company since fostering 4 newborn kittens for over 7 weeks - best price I could find on line. I worried about delivery time initially as I needed it quickly - but they use a first class service and it was with me within two days. I also bought Applaws dry Kitten food - 80% chicken and no cereals - perfect diet for them and they love it! They are growing like mad!
I treated my Yorkshire Terrier to some Applaws dry dog food too - felt mean if I didn't - and she is well pleased.
I needed some advice about other products for kittens and emailed the company about this. I received a very helpful reply and was impressed by the service offered - I cannot recommend them enough, do give them a try! Carole.


First class!

Excellent service - reliable, efficient.....will always check if I can buy an item from them first! Well done Amazon!

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John Lewis

Good service which includes returns!

Delivered within a few days - main point being they allow free returns. This alone encourages me to buy from them again!

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Rubbish set up

Checked on Parcelforce internet website for prices to send a parcel weighing under 10kg across to other side of country for repair. The site gave impression of only two price bands - one at £8.99 +vat for 48 hour delivery and another of £12.99 +vat for 24 hours delivery. 48 hours suited us and it said insurance cover was up to £200 and no weight restriction. Took parcel to post office - counter girl had completely different page on her screen and insisted she had to follow that - it cost us over £14 to send and insurance was up to £100 only and weight restriction was 10kg! Posted last Friday afternoon and it was delivered to destination at 7pm Tuesday. Company effected repair and got it back to us via another carrier by 09.30 this morning - Thursday!! So pull your socks up Parcelforce - your methods smack of unfair trading! They responded to an email of complaint by saying they had to vary their rates in accordance with different situations - rubbish! How different a situation could it have been?

Dry It Out Ltd - The Climate Control Specialists


We have been impressed by the next day delivery of paraffin for our Inverter heater - every time.

When we had problems with lighting the heater we were offered helpful advice straight away.

Dry It Out have just carried out a service on the heater - it was delivered to them via Parcel Force on Tuesday evening this week and was back with us at 09.30 this morning - Thursday! We were amazed as we are opposite sides of the country and our expectation was that it may not be back for Christmas.

If only everyone else could offer such exceptional service - they are unbeatable. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

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