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Digby Brown Solicitors

Utterly trustworthy, professional & great advice

This company became involved after my husband was involved in a car accident. The advice, help and guidance they gave was excellent, professional and everything was clearly explained throughout the whole process.

Many other 'companies' tried to elbow their way in, making all sorts of promises, but we were very well advised by Digby Brown. Had we not listened to them, we would have been severely out of pocket.

Could not recommend Digby Brown highly enough!

Has gone severely downhill

I have been ordering from this company for several years, as has my mother, so we are customers who spend a lot of money.

Always used to receive next day delivery. However, the service has reduced dramatically over the last year. The orders are always very, very late (later than the 3 - 5 days they mention on the site), and, even if you request next day delivery, they simply ignore this.

They also frequently ignore emails.

Looking for an alternative supplier as this shocking service means my animals go hungry waiting!

29 October 2013

Reply from

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for your review.

I would like to apologise, first and foremost, for the delay on your most recent order. We have had severe technical difficulties at our warehouse recently, which has led to delays for some of our customers. Unfortuanately, your order was one of the affected one, and we are doing everything in our power to have the parcel to you as soon as possible.

I have checked your five previous orders, and I can see that they were all dispatched within a few days of you placing them. While we do try and get items out as soon as possible, next day delivery is something we have never promised. Our official delivery period has always been three to five working days, and it seems that your previous orders were all dispatched well within this timeframe.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay on your most recent order.

Best wishes,


Groupon UK

Never again...

I bought and paid for a voucher for a peppermill, which I was unable to redeem as I was taken in to hospital.

Groupon refused to refund and the company explained that they had not received the money - Groupon still had it. Quite why they wouldn't just offer some decent customer service and offer me a refund (it's only £12!), I have no idea!

Just seems shocking to me that they can keep my money when it is clear I did not use the voucher.... Reckon they can line their pockets quite nicely with this....

I also bought a bracelet which took 8 months and CONSTANT chasing to receive. Every time, I had to explain the situation again. Very frustrating. Then, when it arrived, it was a horrible, cheap copy!

Never, ever again

UPDATE: I DID email as requested below - UTTER WASTE OF TIME! Response (complete with grammatical error) as below:

"If you were you experiencing difficulty using your voucher, you should of contacted us during the validity period, for us to assist you. As this voucher has now expired, it can't be redeemed, or refunded."

Sorry Groupon - you were NOT the main concern on my mind as I lay in a hospital bed.... Heartless, pointless and useless

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21 May 2013

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Debbie, we are very sorry to hear you have not had a good experience with our customer service and we would like to help. Please send all the details of the Groupon voucher to and put 'Trustpilot' into the subject line. We will ask a senior customer service rep to look into your account again and work on finding a resolution for you. Thank you, Groupon UK.


Don't value their customers. May as well have called me a liar

Shocking customer service. After trying to use vouchers which were rejected, I called the call centre from the store. Girl was rude and didn't listen. Insisted I had already presented the vouchers. Just kept repeating herself - like a stuck record. Even the Tesco Customer Service lady in store was appalled as it was CLEAR I had not presented the vouchers - I had them in my hand! So I wrote to Tesco - specifically requesting they DON'T just respond saying the same as she did. They did. Have written again... Bad, bad BAD customer 'service'!

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