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Initially, I was very impressed with my order from Boohoo, however when I was looking to return 3 of my 7 items, it all became a bit of a nightmare.
Boohoo.com send their orders out to you with Freepost return. After a week of returning my parcel I contacted Boohoo to request an update. Although e-mail is the only method of contact, my first e-mail was not responded to and I had to use the Facebook messaging to get a reply from a customer services representative. The response was that I had to wait 3 weeks to process my return.
It was 18 days after I returned my parcel I was contacted to advise that my return had been received and was being processed. It was not until 1 week later that my refund had been applied. To add to my disappointment, I sent a request for an exchange with my return, yet Boohoo processed a refund instead.
So a month after placing my orders, my issues were resolved, and incorrectly at that. In this time, I received 5 requests to rate my customer experience with Boohoo.com.
So here it is, as a first time customer at Boohoo.com, I do not plan on returning anytime soon.


Zero in customer care

I would suggest to anyone looking to book flights to use a more well known and established service.
When looking online for some flight to visit family in Perth, I thought I had found the perfect deal, so began the booking process. I had to temporarily halt on the details page whilst I waited for my partner to text me his passport details, the wait was not in excess of 20 minutes, when I received a phone call from operator ''Sam''. He asked if I had any questions to which I responded to request details of the luggage allowance for my flight. After a couple of moments whilst he ''checked'' something he continued to explain that I could add luggage to my flight cost for an additional £170 per person!!.
I advised Sam that I had been all the way through the booking process on a previous test booking and there was no mention of this which is in breach of advertising standards. He went on hold for a couple of moments (presumably speaking to his manager) and then come back to me to say to say ''If you continue online you will not need to pay extra for booking, however unless your quick we shall release the flights that your holding'' and then quickly ended the phone call.
Returning to my booking, details in hand, upon trying move onto the next page a notice flagged up to say that my booking had expired. When going back to the homepage retrieve a quote again, I found that the cost of the flights had increased by £80 per person!!.
In the end I paid an additional £35.00 per person to book with Netflights.co.uk and shall review their services once I am back from my trip.
For anyone looking to book with Travelup, my best suggestion would be to pay the extra couple of pounds to ensure that your getting a reliable service from a more well established business.

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