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Customisable high quality business card

Ordered a few sets of cards from without any issues, the prices are a little expensive but you get good quality business cards. They also they do a variety of other card types and allow you to customise the front and back layouts with the option to use ready-made designs. The alignment on one order were a slightly off this was probably down to the size of the image I uploaded, highly recommended!


Excellent Customer Service

Been shopping with Amazon since they were formed, have brought lots of books from them and always received the products ordered on time.

Returns and replacements are dealt with swiftly by their customer support team on electronic items which have gone faulty within the warranty period. Ordered items lost in delivery are investigated and replacements are sent whilst the investigation takes place, all you have to do is send back one of the packages if both eventually arrive.

As other reviewers have stated, please be weary of the Marketplace listings as they can be problem-some can be cheaper or more expensive than buying from Amazon UK. Just make sure when buying that you check the "Sold By" and the prices from Marketplace sellers and products supplied directly from Amazon UK.


Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio Headphones

My order was placed with on the 8th December 2011 for a set of Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones on the basis that a similar priced set was sold by who had no stock and had a waiting time of 1-3 months. The item was dispatched by Pixmania and to be delivered for the 13th December 2011, however I missed the delivery (due to work) and received a card for pick up from Yodel's local depo the next working day.

After getting home I opened the package to find my new Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphone, I was very impressed with the packaging and speed of delivery as the item was sent from Pixmania Europe BE (Belgium/France) ... Great!

Here's the twist, having been talking to my friend about these headphones they asked me to check the item on to make sure that the item I got was genuine, so I did this. Having found both corresponding serial numbers on the box and the headphones, I filled in the form on but to my dismay the serial number was not recognised and a message stating the following:

This serial number is not valid. Do not buy this product
Help us stop fakes. Report the seller by filling the form below."

I tried different countries (UK, Ireland, Belgium, France etc.) with the serial number in case this was country specific and to no success the same message popped up again. Stressed as I was after paying so much for a set of headphones I contacted Monster the manufacturer of this set of headphones, and managed to speak to a customer representative who was able to confirm that Pixmania are an Authorised Seller of their products, and that the serial number was indeed invalid. What also brought up further questioning of them being non-genuine items was the 2 year warranty (page 10 of the monster user manual) who Monster states should actually be 1 year. I was advised by the Monster Customer Service Rep to return the item back to Pixmania ASAP and stated they will be looking to further investigate this.

I have emailed both Pixmania's Customer Service and CC'd the legal team at Monster on the return of the product, and have requested for a genuine replacement with a valid serial number. I am very disappointed that Pixmania have allowed fake products to enter their distribution channels and supply chain, and I hope that others who have brought Monster products did not receive these non-genuine items which means that they will not be covered by Monster's warranty or support if problems should arises in the future. This should not be the case after paying such a premium for a set of (what is thought to be) genuine headphone from an authorised dealer such as Pixmania, who themselves and Monster states sells only genuine Monster products.

I have packaged the item for the return to Pixmania (France) with the prepaid UPS return coupon, and look forward to them resolving this problem.

I'm rating this company as 2 stars (should be 1 star) due to their customer service trying to rectify the problem with this order and the speed of delivery. I would of originally rated this company 1 star for selling non-genuine products whilst listed as an authorised seller of Monster products, so be warned.

********* UPDATED - Pixmania Rectified Issue Promptly **********

Pixmania's Customer Service have sorted this out after an exchange of emails, they've had confirmation from Monster Cable (the manufacturer) that their IT systems have had a few issues with registration of Beats By Dr Dre headphones, and had an official Monster Cable letter to confirm this.

After returning the headphones Pixmania quickly exchanged the product for me without any further question, the new set of headphones arrived very quickly today on the 24th December 2011 within 3 days with the postal strike in Belgium on the 22nd.

Thanks for sorting this out Pixmania and getting my new set of headphones back to me before Christmas, Kudos to you all.

Re-rated Pixmania to 4 stars for sorting out the issues and providing updates from Monster, and for exchanging the item without further problems.

16 December 2011

Reply from

Thank you for your review.
Rest assured we have never and will never sell non genuine products. Our products come directly from the manufacturer and not from any other source.
I came across a file today with this problem and it has now been resolved. Monster has advised us that there is a problem on their website. They have asked that anyone who is not sure about the authenticity of their product, to send the serial number to so that they may verify and reassure you.
Please do not hesitate to contact me on should you have any questions regarding our products or services in the future and I would be happy to help you.
Kind regards,
Pixmania Mediator

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